5 Tips To Help You Achieve A Flawless Face

One of the most important things you need to know about yourself is the type of skin you have. Perhaps you have been putting on too much foundation when you should have put on less and obtained a better-looking complexion.

You can only know this if you look at your skin dispassionately, judging it from different angles and in different kinds of light.

Know Your Skin
You should find a place where the light is best, preferably early in the morning when everything is bright. Use a hand mirror to look at your face and skin from all angles. Later on, you can repeat the procedure to see how your skin looks after you have put on your makeup.

Clean and Moisturize
Before beginning the process of putting on your foundation, you should first clean and moisturize your face. This will leave your skin moist and ready to receive the foundation. It will also make a more intense application of foundation unnecessary and this will produce a better effect. A makeup primer will prepare your skin to receive the foundation, so you should first put this on before beginning your makeup.

Use Your Fingers
You should use either your fingers to put on your foundation because the heat from your fingers will reactivate the ingredients and will make the colors come alive. A brush could also be used to reach all the corners and angles of your face. You should also remember that your foundation should be the same color as your face.

Blending In
Begin by blending your foundation on the area that comprises the eyes, nose and mouth. Work in the foundation following the direction of the small, barely visible hairs that are always present. The area around the jaw, eyebrows and hairline should also be given special treatment, blending until you find the look that is just right. You can then put on the concealer.

Use Powder
After your foundation is in place, you should use powder to make it last just a little bit longer. Most modern foundations are made to last a long time but a dash of powder will make it last even longer.