5 Tips To Protect Your Hair From Heat Damage

Protect Your Hair From Heat DamageHeat is the number one enemy of hair. Heat damages your hair and makes it more susceptible to breaking and falling out.

Here Are A Few Tips For Protecting Your Hair Against Heat Damage.

Be Careful With The Blow Dryer

Do not over dry your hair with the blow dryer. If you cannot skip this step completely, try not to dry it until it becomes hot and brittle. Maybe leave it a little damp. The best technique is to let your hair dry naturally.

Be Careful With The Blow DryerChoose Salon Quality

Use salon quality tools and products. By buying the best curler, flat iron and blow dryer, you are assuring your hair receives the best treatment. Manufacturers usually make salon grade tools to do less damage to your hair. The heat may be less harmful because it is distributed differently or uses a different heat source.

When choosing styling gels, hair sprays, shampoos, etc., select salon grade products. This will save you time and energy because you use less of them and they work better than cheaper products. Use products that provide heat protection. Be sure they are also salon quality. They usually protect your hair from the heat more effectively, use less harmful chemicals and last longer.

Use salon quality tools and productsGive Your Hair A Spa Day

Take the time to pamper your hair. Give it a day off from the heat and styling. Let it just hang free and breathe for a while. Also use a salon grade conditioner once or twice a week. Conditioners work to moisturize your hair and strengthen it. Treat your hair and scalp to hot oil treatments that will revive it.

Give Your Hair A Spa DaySun And Hot Water Heat Damage

Heat damage is not just caused by curling irons. The sun and hot water can lead to damage. While the sun by itself may not damage your hair, going out into the hot sun after blow drying and curling is a great deal of heat for your hair. If your hair has already had a lot of artificial heat for the day, stay out of the sun or wear a hat. The sun can be just as harmful and it is not accounted for. Use products that have some sort of sun protecting ingredient. They are usually easy to identify.

Sun And Hot Water Heat DamageRinse Your Hair With Cold Water

If you are worried about getting all the oil and residue out, you probably need a better shampoo. Using cold or slightly warm water is one of the easiest ways to reduce the amount of stress your hair is under.

Rinse Your Hair With Cold Water