5 Tips To Talk To Your Parents About Breast Augmentation

5 Tips To Talk to Your Parents about Breast Augmentation

5 Tips To Talk to Your Parents about Breast Augmentation Breast Augmentation involves a major surgery to place silicone gel implants in the breast, undergoing this surgery is a very big decision and should not be taken in a hurry. First of all, decide why you want to go for breast augmentation.

Answer the questions like: Do I really need this? Do I know about the involved risks? Can’t I use some natural measures like exercising for enhancement? And if you are sure that only breast augmentation is necessary then understand that it will not go unnoticed and you might have to discuss the pros and cons with family or friends. If you are thinking to talk about it to your parents then follow these tips.

Tips To Talk To Your Parents About Breast Augmentation


If you are seriously thinking to discuss this matter with parents then read as much as possible about breast augmentation. You can use internet or health magazines to discover more about the topic.

It is advisable to research thoroughly as your parents can ask a lot of question and you should be prepared with answers. Know what you are talking about and tell them that you have enough information on the topic and it’s not just a vague decision you took under the influence of celebrities or media.

Plan To Talk

After getting all the information on the topic, call your parents and tell them that you want to meet them for an important discussion. Make sure that both of your parents are available for the discussion. However, don’t make it sound like there is something wrong with you and just tell them that you are fine and need their approval for something. This way they won’t panic about your call.


Finally, when you meet your parents, make sure you carry all the printouts and magazine papers that might be needed during the discussion. They may react awkwardly at first but provide them with all the info you have. Make them understand that why you think it is beneficial. If you are uncertain about breast augmentation then ask your parents what they think about it. They will surely support you in taking a decision. Also, keep in mind that the average cost for this surgery is $ 7,100 and insurance companies do not cover such procedures. Therefore, discuss this facet also with your parents.


Be prepared for denial too and refrain from getting angry about it. It is very obvious that your parents would be shocked by a sudden decision as they think that their children are just perfect and don’t need any cosmetic surgery so, don’t throw tantrums or attitude. Also, listen to your parents’ argument and let it be a healthy discussion than a family fight.


Take your parents with you for breast augmentation consultation so that they can express their concerns and get information about it. Undeniably, there are various risks involved with this surgery and it is your duty to keep your parents updated. Moreover, if you are a minor then parents’ permission is essential for the surgery.