5 Trendy Sunglasses To Buy This Summer

5 Trendy Sunglasses To Buy This Summer

5 Trendy Sunglasses To Buy This Summer Summer has finally come, and that means only one thing, it’s time to take out the sunglasses, guys! Indeed, you can’t leave out your sunglass in the dressing drawer, when you are out prancing in the hot, sunny day. Whether it’s about keeping yourself off from the harmful sunrays or elevating your style quotient in a wink, sunglasses do both and more.

From classically chic rounded sunglasses to retro-inspired wayfarer, sunglasses come in umpteenth designs and styles. However, with so many designs available in sunglasses, shopping for trendy sunglasses is always a challenging task. What to choose and what to leave swirl every fashionistas’ psyche.

Well, if you are also stuck up somewhere in the heaps of sunglass styles, don’t fret, for this guide is written keeping your apprehensions and queries in mind. Keep on reading to know more about different types of trendy sunglasses that you can stack up in your accessory wardrobe.

Best Sunglasses to Buy This Summer

The Wayfarer

The retro style has been in fashion for quite some time now. And fortunately for you, this trend is here to stay. The retro-touched wayfarer trend will also be running wild in the fashion street. So, my advice, make sure to track this trend right away. If you are confounded whether this style will suit your face or not, don’t think too hard.

Since wayfarers are extremely angular, they tend to look good on many face shapes: especially heart and round shaped. So, it doesn’t matter if cheetah prints tugged your heart strings or classically wire trimmed glasses caught your attention, chances are, you’ll end up looking summer cool this fall.

The Avaiator

5 Trendy Sunglasses To Buy This Summer

Trends come and go, but one sunglass trend that’s still going strong is the eternally young aviator sunglasses. From old Hollywood celebrities to contemporary stars to common fashionistas, these glasses are so in-trend this summer that you ought to have one in your wardrobe. Such glasses sit perfectly on people with long jaws and angular faces like heart or rectangle shaped.

Oversized sunglasses

Do you find putting on makeup a tedious task? If yes, then oversized sunglasses are just for you. While hiding your makeup-less face behind their overtly big frame, they will also keep the rigid sun rays off you all day long. Thanks to their distinctive design and versatility, this trend has cut brilliant swath among young generations. Blending best with fashion forwards having oblong and narrow face shapes, oversized sunglasses undoubtedly make a geeky yet scintillating choice.

Cat-eyed sunglasses

The “ it” sunglasses of this summer are cat eyed sunglasses. Be it teen sensations like Miley Cyrus or hot divas like Scarlett Johansson, cat eyed sunglasses look awesome on almost everyone. Either you are going understated with a classic black cat eyed sunglass or pulling off a style that is awesomely rocking, you can never go wrong with it. In fact, you can discover some cat eyed sunglasses dipped in a typical retro feel that would turn you into your own version of Lady Gaga anytime.

Rounded Sunglasses

Another sunglass trend, which is rocking this summer is rounded sunglasses. Even though rounded sunglasses don’t look good on everyone, they tend to look ultra chic on people with high cheekbones and chiseled faces.

5 Trendy Sunglasses To Buy This Summer

Don’t go for them if you have a round shaped face, as they will make your face look even rounder.

Fashion Tips to Buy a Perfect Sunglass

Interested to buy a chic sunglass that’s worth flaunting? Then, you need to keep certain fashion tips into account before heading out. Take a look.

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Don’t Go By the Price Tag

Remember, the style of sunglasses that is trendy today might not be trendy tomorrow. So unless you are totally convinced that this style is here to stay for long, don’t splurge your hard earned income buying an expensive sunglasses pair. It is highly recommended to shop something that falls low in the price spectrum. Else, you might risk losing your heavy bucks on some swanky sunglasses that have fallen out of fashion bandwagon the very next moment.

Try Before Placing the order, If You Can

Are you one of the fashionistas, who love shopping online? If yes, then it’s better to shop offline to refrain yourself from post-buying remorse. It could happen to you that the sunglasses you just bought online isn’t fitting you, doesn’t look as hot as it was on the site, or isn’t looking awesome on you, as you envisaged. Therefore, it’s better to try the sunglasses out first, and then decide whether to spin your money on it or not. I am sure, you certainly wouldn’t want to be stuck with another incompatible pair of glasses.

Navigate to flea Markets and Thrift Stores

It’s hard to follow the rule no. 01, if your shopping destination is a nearest mall or retail shop. Thrift stores and flea markets make a perfect place for buying extra cheap sunglasses.

5 Trendy Sunglasses To Buy This Summer

But, don’t mistake thrift markets or local community stores for some filthy place that sells cheap quality products. You can encounter innumerable stylish options at such unlikely place, when it comes to sunglasses; and that too, in good quality material.

Know What Looks Good on You

Like styles, sunglasses also come in different sizes. Following the trend is another thing, but the size also matters. The size of your sunglasses makes a prominent factor in deciding your overall look. While some sunglasses accentuate heart-shaped face, some looks good on round face shape. So, don’t fall just over the trend; pay equal attention to what fits your bill as well.

Sunglasses mean different things to different individuals. To some, it could mean nothing but an accessory to escape the troublesome sun rays, whilst for some it could mean an exquisite accoutrement that accentuates look in a jiffy. It doesn’t matter what it means to you, a fact that remains the same for everyone is that it’s hard to glide by summer without putting on your sunglasses. There are so many trendy and stylish sunglasses to bring home that you will never find yourself in the fashion scarcity. So, what you are waiting for? Go ahead, and buy something that goes well with your taste and preferences.