5 Unique And Funky Nail Designs

We live in an era where fashion and style have no boundaries. One’s imagination and creativity can create unimaginable possibilities defining one’s own personality. Youngsters today are daring and do not hesitate to experiment with some bold and crazy ideas, be it in fashion or makeup.

Nail art is a trend not so old, but it is developing at such a fast pace that the designs even a day old seem outdated. There are loads and loads of nail designs available for today’s women to try on. From simpler monotone to gradient, glitters to embellishments, classic polka dots and floral designs to 3D designs and skillets, newer designs and techniques are evolving every day.

Not just that, event specific manicure designs like valentine theme, wedding theme, Halloween, Christmas etc. also become popular around those times. But here we bring to you some of the funkiest nail art designs not related to any event but for you to try out when you feel like experimenting something wild and crazy.

Bold And Funky Nail Art Designs

Evil Devil Nail Designs

Devil nail art designs are one of the craziest designs you can sport on your nails. They gain popularity during Halloween parties.

Evil Devil Nail Designs

Design your nails with some funky evil narration comprising of skulls, bones, skeleton, bats, spiders and the wickedest thing you can think of. You can paint these structures using art pen if you are creative or else arrange the tiny stickers with these designs onto your nails.

Animal Prints

Make a style statement with eye-catching animal prints on your long nails which can be wild and wicked. These funky and fancy nail designs come in various prints like, cheetah, leaopard, zebra, tiger, cobra etc.

animal print

Paint each nail in different base color for your favorite animal print. You can also mix multi prints on a single nail. If you want to choose some milder and cuter ones you can have butterflies, teddy bears and pandas.

Neon Nails

Brighten up your nails and your mood with some funky neon colors on your nails. Neon nails are one of the boldest manicure designs you can sport. It is true that everybody cannot carry off neon nails with ease.

neon nails

If you do not want to keep just solid neon colors, try neon dots or neon glitters. You can even create some geometric stained glass like designs with neon fillings. Apply neon polish to French tips of your nails with black or grey base for a different look.

3D Nail Designs

3D nail designs can be funkier to the core. The variety and range of 3D designs are beyond one’s imagination. They range from cute bows and dolls to adorable pearls and embellishments.

3d nail art

Flowers, fruits and flags also get embossed on your nails giving stunning 3D effect. You need different tools and supplies to craft these objects on to your nails. Choose some funky designs and make a bold style statement.

Herringbone Designs

Herringbone patterns are one of the unique and funky ideas for manicure which looks very different from your regular nail art designs.

Herringbone Designs

For summers and casual occasions you can use this design with some pastel shades with white combination. But if you want to give a funkier twist to your manicure, use colorful diamond shaped glitters on a black base.