5 Useful Tips For Dry Skin

5 Useful Tips For Dry Skin

5 Useful Tips For Dry Skin Dryness of skin is an uninvited trouble and though, it can be on any day of the season, it is mostly prevalent in winters. Taking care of dry skin is a task in itself, as it creates a long list of troubles like itching, flakiness and extreme tightness of the skin. The natural oils and moisture of the skin gets depleted more rapidly in cases of dry skin, which makes it all the more difficult to take care.

Thus, keeping your skin properly moisturized and nourished is a must for people who have dry skin. Let us know some useful and effective tips for dry skin.

Effective Tips for Dry Skin

Avoid Hot Water

People who use hot and streaming water while bathing or washing face or hands are more targeted in terms of dry skin issues. Using hot water on the skin results in losing all the natural moisture of the skin and it makes the skin completely dull and life less.

Here, one should keep in mind to always use lukewarm water for bathing or while face washing. But, if you can’t follow this and you need to take hot water baths, make sure to minimise your total bathing time to the minimum possible time. Try to shower or bath only once a day.

Essential Moisturizing

There nothing a better solution for dry skins other than keeping it moisturized 24/7. For this, you should know your skin type and use good quality moisture and that too on a regular basis. For picking the right type of moisture for your skin, you need to consider several factors like your skin type, age or other skin issues. People who have normal skin should go for water-based moisturizer as their skin is neither very dry nor very oily.

5 Useful Tips For Dry Skin

People who have the issue of dry skin should always get an oil-based moisturizer, which will keep their skin properly hydrated and prevent any loss of moisture. On the contrary, people who come in the category of oily skin should only choose very light moisturisers as their skin is prone to acne, breakouts and other skin problems due to excessive oils in the pores. They should pick water-based products which won’t clog their pores and still provides their skin with essential moisture.

Exfoliate Your Skin

The benefits of exfoliating your skin are unlimited, but this works best in case of dry skins. Make sure to exfoliate your skin on a weekly or semi-weekly basis, like twice in a week to free your skin from unwanted dead skin cells and cleaning out dirty pores. As I have already stated about the importance of moisturizing your skin, exfoliation of the skin is similarly crucial.

On can easily exfoliate her skin by using a simple salt or sugar scrub while taking a bath and for the face, one can use a mild and gentle face scrub. After bathing, you will find that your skin is more cleansed and it is more than ready to receive moisture. Furthermore, it will completely absorb all the moisture, thus keeping the skin nourished for a longer interval.

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Add Good Oils In Your Diet

If your skin gets extremely dry and irritated and also causes itch spots, make sure to never scratch those parts as it will only worsen the condition. Here, a very good solution is to include essential and healthy oils in your diet like raw organic butter, cod liver oil or coconut oil.

5 Useful Tips For Dry Skin

You can even use butter and coconut oils on extremely dry areas of the skin to cure itchy and irritated spots. You should do this in a gentle way like massaging your skin slowly. This can be done at day time as well as before going to bed. This will soothe your skin naturally, as there are no chemicals involved in the process.

Use a Humidifier

If no amount of moisturizer and exfoliation works on your skin and your skin still feels dry, getting a humidifier is one of the safest investments. Humidifiers are basically simple devices that release water vapor and steam to produce more amount of moisture in the air. One can even get rid of other minor issues like cold or minor respiratory problems as the humidifier will ease the air temperature and maintain the natural moisture of the air.

But, here one should keep in mind a few basic things as the humidifier can even be harmful if used unwisely. You should properly clean your humidifier to prevent any growing bacteria. Another thing is to maintain the humidity level of the humidifier as it can make you sick if used at extremely humid temperatures. Furthermore, if one is suffering from any breathing issues like asthma, you should consult your doctor before using a humidifier.