5 Vitamins To Improve Skin Elasticity

Vitamins To Improve Skin Elasticity

Vitamins To Improve Skin ElasticitySkin forms a vital part of our body and just like the body it requires different nutrients to be healthy and glowing. As we age our skin tends to become loose and sagging. This is due to the decrease in production of collagen which forms the basis of skin elasticity and tightening.

This can be a major cause of aging and we can improve the condition by including some vitamins in our diet. Here are some vitamins that can improve the skin’s elasticity and help us hold the process of aging:

Vitamins To Improve Skin Elasticity

Vitamin A

The inclusion of Vitamin A as a dietary supplement can help us to delay the major cause of skin sagging. The skin that tends to sag and get loose will look plumper and brighter. Fine lines and wrinkles will considerably decrease and the skin will be spotless. Damaged skin will be repaired while the tissues get ample of nutrition through the vitamin.

Vitamin A

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Apart from taking it in the form of pills or supplements we may look for food that has Vitamin A contents like carrot, apricots, liver, milk and egg yolks. This will improve the skin’s texture and condition and help to recover any existing skin issues related to loosening of the skin.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C also known as Ascorbic acid is known for its antioxidant properties and is highly recommended for the first signs of aging. It considerably improves the skin’s texture by driving off free radicals that may have damaging effect. It helps to fill out pores and wrinkles and in turn tighten the appearance of the skin.

vitamin C

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The dead cells are removed and instead new glowing skin is revealed which is more tight and sculpted. The presence of Vitamin C can be seen in oranges, amla, lemon and grapefruits. The antioxidant properties present in Vitamin C creams help to prevent skin from sun damage which is a major cause of decrease in skin elasticity.

Vitamin E

The best and the most useful source of anti aging can be achieved in the form of Vitamin E. It helps to fight the signs of aging like loose and sagging skin, age spots and lines like no other ingredient. It heals the skin that is damaged by the harmful rays of the sun and balances the skin’s tightness and elasticity.

Vitamin E

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It boosts the production of collagen and in turn increases the skin’s elasticity considerably. Sources of Vitamin E can be traced in almonds, broccoli, nuts and spinach. Vitamin E capsules are immensely popular to keep skin youthful and glowing.

Vitamin K

A natural healer of fine lines and wrinkles, this vitamin can help boost the protein that is responsible for the tightness of the skin. It can reduce the appearance of spider-veins and prevent the skin from getting damaged by external hazards.

Vitamin K

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Dark circles and age spots are considerably cured and the skin looks much young. A must for maturing and dry skin types, this vitamin can be obtained from avocados, lettuce and kiwis.

Vitamin B Complex

A powerful house of 8 B vitamins, this supplement essentially treats dry and dehydrated ski that is much prone to losing elasticity and suffer from premature aging. It cures dryness and improves flaky and undernourished skin thus making it look healthy. Wrinkles and lines are smoothed and the texture is tightened.

The skin looks much younger and sculpted. Vitamin B complex is most useful if taken as a supplement. However, many foods contain Vitamin B like bananas, oats and turkey. Apart from these external sources of Vitamin B can be obtained from creams and ointment that make you look more youthful and illuminated.