5 Ways To Deal With Dry And Itchy Skin

5 Ways To Deal With Dry And Itchy Skin

A fresh hydrated skin is an everlasting dream of every woman. A look at the pictures of celebrities which talks a lot of their majesty ignites a desire to have such a fresh, glowing skin. Today, even men are particularly concerned about their skin.

Along with six packs, a glowing skin aids in attracting a women. Every one aspires to click a fresh glowing picture and post it on social networking sites and get likes and appreciation. But often many of us complain of having a dry, itchy skin.

Tips To Deal With Dry And Itchy Skin

Root Causes

At the time of birth, we all have radiant glowing skin. But as we age, the rate of production of natural oils that act as a moisturizer slows down resulting in dry itchy skin. Besides, bathing with harsh soaps, itchy fabric, misusing moisturizer, environmental conditions (e.g. sun, wind, heat or cold) and long, hot showers and in some cases medications taken may lead to dry itchy skin. Dry itchy skin generally is never thought of as a serious problem but experts accept as true that prolonged dry skin could be the sign of eczema, dermatitis, allergic reaction to certain products, some kind of internal diseases like anemia, kidney failure, liver problem etc.

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Also during pregnancy and as menopause approaches,continuous itching is experienced by many.Dry itchy skin looks great not on humans but on lizards. Treating dry itchy skin is important to avoid irritation and embarrassment. Hence instead of wasting time in itching, it would be wise enough to devote time and make efforts in practicing the following suggestions for a fresh hydrated skin.

Common Sense Practices

Hydrating by drinking plenty of water, moisturizing especially with antipruritic ingredient like aloe vera, avoiding contact to cold, drying winds, having a warm, short bath or a shower instead of a long, hot bath, using high quality, mild, fragrance-free cleansing products, exfoliating to get rid off the top layer of dead skin with a gentle scrubbing should be followed.

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Nutritional Supplement

Take a daily multivitamin and mineral diet that facilitates skin softening. Sufficient intakes of vitamin C, vitamin A and minerals such as copper and zinc is a must, as it promotes growth of collagen which is an essential part of skin that helps by holding in moisture and plumping it up.

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skin care products sold in the markets will help only when your internal system is functioning smoothly. Hence ensuring rich vitamin and minerals in ones diet is a must.

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Consult a doctor

In case of severe itching or pain resulting in redness or swelling of skin, seeking a doctor’s advice is a must.

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Exercising is one of the significant keys for healthy skin as it nurtures the liveliness of skin cells. By increasing blood flow, exercise helps nourish skin cells and keep them vital.