5 Ways to Keep Your Skin Healthy

People always want that chubby and smooth skin which they once had when they were really young. As the time passes by and we become busy in our daily lives, we forget to take care of our skin.

Our skin becomes dry, less oil is produced and we have to face signs of aging such as wrinkles. It is important to change your habits in order to have a perfect skin. These steps will help you in getting a perfect skin.

1. Protection Against Sun:

Although research say that sun provides vitamins, we should not forget that sun also makes our skin dry and can cause deadly diseases; these diseases can also include cancer. To protect you from skin diseases caused by sun, you should stay indoors during periods of intense sunlight, wear full clothing when under sunlight and apply sunscreen about 20 minutes before leaving for outdoors. Reapply sun block or sunscreen after an interval of 2 hours.

2. Quit Smoking:
Smoking has the ability to accelerate signs of aging which is liked by nobody. Smoking contracts your blood vessels which creates obstruction in regular flow of blood to skin cells. This results in dead skin cells and causes dryness. Smoking even creates smoke line on the upper part of lips that cannot be easily wiped off. You can see signs of aging among teenagers who smoke. When you smoke; there is a process involved. Repeating the same facial process might result in wrinkles.

3. Never wash your skin with harsh detergents:
One should clean oneself quite thoroughly. This does not mean cleaning your skin vigorously. One should not stay in hot water for more than 15 minutes. Keep in mind to use warm instead of hot water. Do not use soaps that contains high amount of toxins. If you are allergic to dyes and scent, do not use such soaps. One should remove the makeup gently. Use cotton balls instead brush. To remove waterproof makeup, you need petroleum jelly. Dry yourself by patting gently.

4. Importance of Moisturizing
Moisturizing is very important; moisturizers do not allow water to get out of your body. This helps in maintaining moisture in the body. Apply moisturizer before going to bed and after taking a bath. Use moisturizers that do not contain dyes and perfumes, if you have a sensitive skin.

5. Carefully shave:
Before shaving, clean the area with a warm washed cloth to remove dirt. Apply shaving cream as it makes shaving easier. After shaving, you should rinse your skin properly.