5 Ways To Lighten Your Dark Spots Naturally

dark spotsWho doesn’t want a flawless and beautiful skin? Every woman in this world craves for smooth, spotless and glowing skin like the models shown in T.V ads. But one of the crucial hurdles which stands in the way of achieving a perfect skin is the ‘dark spot’ problem.

It can be found on face, neck, shoulder or back area. If you search the reason for dark spots you may find growing age, too much sun exposure, stress, imbalance of hormones, heredity, liver disorder, application of harsh and powerful chemicals, pregnancy etc. are responsible for the frustrating problem. These ugly spots not only reduce your glam points but also make you feel awkward in social gatherings.

However, various treatments are available for eliminating dark spots as laser therapy or acid treatments but they are highly expensive and not affordable for everyone. Moreover these treatments often leave side-effects. Hence, there are some natural ways to lighten and remove those dark spots without spending bags of money and any risk for side effects. If you want to know about them just go through the rest of the article.

5 Natural Ways To Lighten Dark Spots

Apply Lemon Juice

One of the effective ways to lighten your dark spots naturally could be using lemon juice. As lemon is enriched with high amount of vitamin C, it is very much useful to make your dark spots less visible. You can simply apply fresh lemon juice over the affected areas of the skin on two times day daily for at least two weeks.

lemon juice

You can also mix lemon juice with honey or apple cider vinegar to get the maximum benefits. Apart from dark spots, lemon juice is also useful to remove age spots, blemishes, freckles, rosacea etc.

Go For Aloe Vera

If you are upset with dark spots problem and tried many things on it then switch to aloe vera once. It is one of the miraculous plants on earth, which can cure many diseases and ailments and it is equally effective on removing dark spot problems.

aloe vera

You need to gather some aloe vera leaves and squeeze them to extract the gel and apply it all over the spots. If you follow this therapy at least two times a day you will surely get the desired result in a short while.

Use Potato

Potatoes can be your best friend to eliminate the dark spots from your skin. Till now potatoes were the common cooking ingredients but unbelievably potatoes can help you to get rid of those ugly spots. Cut one slice from a fresh potato and gently rub it over the spots for few minutes.


Alternatively you can mix some amount of mince potatoes and little amount of honey and make a face pack. Both recipes work well to lighten the dark spots as well as pigmentation.

Opt For Castor Oil

Very few people are aware of the goodness of castor oil that apart from helping in hair growth castor oil even can remove the dark spots from your skin. It’s natural bleaching properties helps to lighten the darkness of the skin.

castor oil

Dab little amount castor oil on the affected areas and massage it with your finger tips in gentle motions for few minutes. You can repeat this remedy two times a day to notice the improvement soon.

Onions Can Be Effective

Onions can even come for rescue while you are troubling with dark spots problem. It is also a widely used remedy to treat dark spots from centuries. Better if you opt for red onions and extract some fresh juice from them.


Now soak a cotton ball into the juice and apply on the dark spots and leave it to dry. Along with dark spots this treatment even helps in eliminating spots caused by sun, ageing, blemishes or freckles etc.