6 Attractive Short Haircuts For Oval Face

If you are one of those lucky people to be blessed with an oval face, well thank god and your stars for that. You belong to the group of privileged people with most versatile face type. Any, literally any, hairstyle suits an oval face.

People with oval faces can afford to highlight any feature of their face they want. This gives you a freedom to try any new haircut you want without worrying about how it would make you look. With the summers around, we are going to take you through the 6 most attractive short haircuts for oval faces.

Short Haircuts For Oval Face

 Super Short Pixie 

That pixie looks great is known to everyone, but only people with oval face have the privilege of going really short with their pixie.

super short pixie

They need not even worry about how it would look. A super short pixie is not just uber cool but extremely sporty and easy to carry. So if you ever want to get a short haircut, go super short with super short pixie.

Shoulder To Chin-Length 

If you are not ready to go really short and experiment with your looks, well try going in for a length somewhere between your shoulders to chin.

shoulder to chin length

The best part about this haircut is that it can be easily worn with anything. Plus there is a lot you can do with this one. You can leave it open, or just tie into a pony or half clipped or with a headband and innumerous other options.


Bangs bangs everywhere! This season is all about bangs. So why should people with most versatile face shape stay behind? You can team your short layers or pixie or even your bob cut with fancy bangs.

bangs on round face

Try going in for asymmetrical bang, gives you that unique look. The best part is people with oval face can sport any kind of a bang, short, heavy, textured, side-swept or brow-grazing. So go ahead and try a new one this season.

Frizzy Curls 

People with short curly hair are often found complaining about not having enough options for styling their hair. Well, we don’t quite agree with you on this. Like we said before, oval faces can pull off any haircut with equal amount of ease.

frizzy curls

If you have frizzy curls, add a lot of layers to bring in texture to your hair. But make sure your layers don’t add volume to your face at the cheeks. The styling must be done with utmost care and attention to achieve this natural look.

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Blunt With Bangs 

With oval face, women can actually go and try the blunt cut with eyebrow grazing bangs which stop right at the end of the eyebrows.

blunt with bangs

Make sure you don’t go past your eyebrows because then the haircut will end up making your face look like a square. This haircut is ideal for people with oval faces and renders a very neat and clean look.



Ponytails always work as saviours from bad weather and bad hair days. This hairstyle can never go out of fashion because of its user friendly features and universal fashion appeal. People with oval faces can actually sport a ponytail. You could both tie it high or low and look smart and hot.