6 Benefits Of Organic Makeup

organic makeupTo attain the maximum level of beauty women pile up their face and body with loads of makeup products. While doing so they often forget that these products although being beautifying, can house hundreds of chemical substances.

Our skin may react with adverse effect while getting exposed to so many chemicals on a regular basis. These chemicals may often prove to be dangerous and can ruin our skin and its texture permanently. However, there is a silver lining in the world of makeup as a form of Organic products. Here are few benefits of organic makeup products:

Organic Makeup And Its Benefits


Generally the most dangerous material that makeup products contain is lead. Almost 90% of lip products that we buy are full of lead and its by-products. Lead is proven to aggravate the causes of cancer and other skin related diseases. Most of the top-selling organic makeup items are devoid of this harmful substance and therefore may not pose the threat to skin cancer.

Devoid Of Toxic Substance

Often synthetic ingredients that are filled in our cosmetics can be very harmful for our skin. Organic makeup is free of these toxic materials like mercury, paraben and ammonium or alcohol and manufactured with natural extracts instead. You can expect less of breakouts and rashes. According to recent studies, many cosmetics that are laden with chemicals can be even damaging to internal organs in the long run. Organic makeup is free from this concern.

Natural Ingredients

The core ingredients that organic makeup is made of are derived from nature and its resources. Mineral makeup which is a form of organic makeup is made of ingredients from the earth’s surface.

bark of tree

This may include marbles and various kinds of rocks and mineral components. Often bark of trees and other natural products are also used to make organic makeup.


Some components that mineral makeup is made up of, like mica, calcium and zinc can protect our skin from the external hazards. They have nourishing properties that heal the skin and prevents from any damage. Often they have good anti-aging properties and can help in the formation of lines and wrinkles.

anti aging

Natural oils like coconut and jojoba used inside organic makeup can condition the skin and prevents from drying, while botanical extracts like green tea or lavender can soothe and provide antioxidant care.

Suitable For Sensitive Skin

Due to the absence of damaging chemicals like paraben and talc organic makeup can be safe to use on sensitive skin. Sensitive skin may turn red and can get abrasive in contact to chemical infused cosmetics. But uses of organic makeup that are made up of natural ingredients is quite safe and prevent the skin from damage.

sensitive skin

Most of the organic makeup has sun protection and therefore can protect the skin from harsh rays of the sun. Titanium Oxide present in organic makeup protects the skin from UV rays and shield it from being too red and patchy.

Easy Application

Generally organic makeup is pretty easy to apply with the requirement of a brush.  The only thing is to blend with a brush and you will get a smooth and smudge-free makeup in minutes. While traditional makeup requires a lot of applicators like sponges, tissues and pads and also requires time for choosing the correct shade by mixing various colours, organic makeup is one colour which is easily applicable and gives a smooth base.