6 Best Diet Treatments For Tinnitus

TinnitusTinnitus is identified as chronic ear-ringing. While experiencing this condition you even face whistling, hissing, roaring, clinking or screaming sound inside your ears which troubles you a lot. When the sound accomplished from the tiny hair cells inside the inner ear is damaged, you tend to undergo tinnitus thus creating stimulation of aural nerves. Tinnitus can also happen due to stress, aging, loud noise, allergies, hearing loss and medications. Few types of foods also set off the noisy ringing in your ears.

You are advised to intake healthy diet for the treatment of tinnitus. When you’re maintaining a good diet regularly the tinnitus sounds will be automatically lowered. You have to keep in mind to ward off excess salt, sugar and fats as they will have negative effects on your ears. You don’t need to get tense about tinnitus because the right varieties of foods will lessen the intensifying ringing in the ears to a great extent. Physicians will prescribe those foods that are nutritious and benefit you by improving its condition. Hence, we have approached with 6 useful diet treatments for tinnitus.

Best Diet Treatment For Tinnitus

Pineapple for Tinnitus

One of the reasons of tinnitus or ear ringing can be the inflammation in the middle ear. The pineapple is capable of decreasing the inflammation because of bromelain which is present in the stem of the pineapple.


Hence you can eat freshly sliced pineapple pieces which will lessen the ringing sound from your ears. Pineapple which contains vitamins is perfect for curing tinnitus, but you should avoid it only if you’re having allergy. Pineapple also stands healthy for your complete body too.

Cereal for Tinnitus

The significant purpose of zinc is to support the cell division appropriately. Thus the fortified cereal and skim milk will be suitable for your breakfast which will not only keep your cells healthy but will also diminish the tinnitus. You should have cereals every day so that the ringing effect will lessen.

Spinach for Tinnitus

Ear ringing specifies a difficulty in connection with auditory system, also involving nerve and brains attaching with the ears. Your body will require magnesium which will help in developing the nerve function and lessen the shrinking sound.


If you have spinach salad or slightly boiled/cooked spinach containing magnesium, it can fend off the tinnitus easily. Along with this salad, you can also add different green veggies along with almonds and yogurt which will be a good magnesium rich diet.

Bananas for Tinnitus

If you have excess fluids in your ear canals which may have entered while taking bath, your ears starts ringing and pains too. But this fluid balance can be adjusted properly when you’ll have bananas which consists of potassium.


You can also intake potassium-rich apricots, apples or asparagus. Instead of having little or too much water, you can sustain a steady hydration daily.

Meat for Tinnitus

In order to prevent tinnitus, you should need to eat meat. The ringing of ears and vitamin B12 has a strong connection among both.


Therefore if you want to enhance the B12 level, you are also suggested to intake eggs, fish, beef, cheese and distinct animal products. But you have to keep in mind that these foods should be taken moderately. Too much of animal products in your body should increase your cholesterol level, and the blood flow too will lessen to the nerves of the ears.

Mediterranean Food

Mediterranean diet will cover plentiful fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans and nuts, and whole, freshly prepared foods. When you consume this superb diet you can minimize the tinnitus.

vegetables and fruits

Your diet can also include whole grained bread/pasta, cheese, olive oil and yogurt. These foods should be eaten daily in moderation. Therefore, you can certainly get rid of tinnitus by ingesting the above diets daily.