6 Best Diets For GERD Treatment

GERDGERD which is known as gastroesophageal reflux disease are nowadays experienced by many people. They face discomfort and obstacles because of the GERD which puts disturbing impact on their regular life. When the stomach acid, acid refluxes or may be bile gush back in the mouth and esophagus, GERD or the digestive disorder arises. As the acid makes its entry in the food pipe, they may undergo chest pain. The increase of GERD is mainly due to unhealthy eating habits frequently and smashed sphinchter.

Even heartburn, dry cough, problem in swallowing, sore throat, breathing problem, bleeding, lump in the throat etc can lead you to bear GERD ailment. You need to have a proper GERD diet which will shrink the disease and it will also eradicate its related symptoms. After your thorough analysis your doctor will recommend you with right amount of GERD diets for a certain period that will not only heal the refluxes, but also perk up your health thus benefiting your digestive system completely. We’ve discussed about 6 effective diets for GERD treatment. 

6 Diet For GERD Treatment

Pineapple In Your Diet


Though pineapple is believed to an acidic fruit, but it is actually considered as superb for acid reflux as it consists of bromelain that aids in digestion process, lessens your acid and cools your stomach too. You can slice the pineapple in pieces and eat it in the breakfast. Pineapple in the diet will improve the GERD symptoms as it eases the breakage of protein.

Fiber Foods In Your Diet

Fiber is regarded as one of the excellent nutrient which can be added to your diet in order to treat the GERD disease. The dietetic fiber facilitates to saturate the acid inside your stomach and further propels towards the intestines. You can gain fiber from specific fruits, vegetables and whole grains which will stop infuriating your acid reflux or heartburn.

Sweet Potatoes

You can ingest fruits including fresh and dried apples, apple juice, pears, peaches, bananas, strawberries, melons, grapes and cherries; vegetables like broccoli, baked potatoes, carrots, cabbage, peas, green beans, lettuce, asparagus and sweet potatoes; and whole grains including corn bread, graham crackers, cereal (bran/oatmeal), rice (brown/white), rice cakes, pretzels, millet and quinoa. Keep in mind to shun those foods which comprise too much sugar and starch.

Protein In Your Diet

Protein foods are helpful in curing your acid reflux as they aid in reinforcing your stomach muscles and avert the approach of acid back again. You should stay away from the protein rich foods which will harm your acid reflux.


Thus you can ingest only low-fat protein foods such as legumes, egg whites, fish (with no fat added), skinless chicken/turkey, very low-fat meats (white turkey meat), skinless chicken breast and extra lean ground beef.

Papaya In Your Diet


Papaya which includes papain is valuable for getting rid of GERD. Doctors suggest you to have papaya pieces daily as your digestion system will get improved. This enzyme will be utilized by your body in digesting the protein easily. It will also lessen your acid flux and your stomach will be steady.

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Dairy Foods And Beverages

It is always safe to have diary foods that are extremely low in fats thus helping in diminishing your acid reflux to a great extent. You can try out your hands on fat free cream cheese, fat free sour cream, feta or goat cheese and low fat soy cheese. Don’t even think of looking at chocolate milk, ice-cream, whole milk and high fat cream cheese/sour cream which won’t allow you to recover from GERD.

cold milk

Beverages covering herbal teas, water, non-citrus drinks and skimmed milk will reduce your situation of GERD in a short span of time. Cold skimmed milk which is rich in calcium will decrease the production of acid in the stomach. You can also prepare decaffeinated green tea and drink it daily for allying your acid reflux.

Honey In Diet


Honey is reflected upon as a great cure of the root cause of GERD (known as damaged sphincter). You can intake two to three teaspoons of honey every day which will heal a sphincter quickly. Honey will bring a positive result in the GERD suffering patients as it trims down acid reflux. Therefore the patients can consume the above diets and cure themselves fully from GERD.

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