6 Best Dry Skin Products

6 Best Dry Skin Products

With the winter wind blowing in, the skin tends to get dry very easily, speeding up the ageing process and making fine lines more visible. It’s time to buy the right beauty products for your dry skin, making sure your skin is moisturized throughout the day. We’ve shortlisted the best dry skin products that ensure your skin is soft and supple all the day.

List of Dry Skin Products

Nivea Soft Creme

6 Best Dry Skin Products

Packed with the goodness of jojoba oil and Vitamin E, Nivea Soft Creme promises to leave the skin deeply nourished and supple. This organic creme is pH neutral, so there’s no risk of your skin getting damaged and dull post use. Dermatologically approved, Nivea is potentially the best skincare brand, also because it can be used by both men and women.

Dove Beauty Moisture Face Wash

Dove, the leading beauty brand in skincare products has now introduced a new face wash, specially designed for dry skin. This face wash gently cleanses your skin of all the dirt and impurities and moisturizes the skin to make it look soft, radiant and supple all day long.

Nivea Body Milk-Very Dry Skin

Just like your face, your body too requires its share of moisture. Nivea Body Milk for very dry skin does just that. It not just moisturizes your skin for more than 12 hours, but also makes it look glowing and fresh, unlike other greasy skincare products.

6 Best Dry Skin Products

Composed of avocado and almond oil, this amazing moisturizer slows down the skin’s ageing process and protects it against environmental damage.

Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash

When you have a face wash for your face, why not indulge in a luxurious body wash. Soap tends to strip your skin of its moisture. Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash, on the other hand, cleanses your body and nourishes it in the most unique way.

The specially designed soap-free formula topped with the rich goodness of Shea butter can work up a wonderful lather that gives you a spa-like experience at home. This product is recommended for those who have dry skin, and even better, it is suitable for sensitive skin types too.

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Garnier Nourishing Cold Cream

Garnier has introduced a new cream for the chilly winters when your skin is dry and flaky. The new Garnier Nourishing Cold Cream is an excellent product for the harsh winter winds that bring the dullness to your skin.

6 Best Dry Skin Products

Formulated with pure acacia honey, this cream has double the benefits; it moisturizes the skin and removes the tight skin feeling which is common during chilly winters. All around the clock, with Garnier Nourishing Cold Cream, you’re ready to go with a glowing, radiant face.

Shiseido Benefiance Intensive Nourishing & Recovery Cream

Looking for skin nourishment and anti-ageing benefits? Shiseido’s intensive nourishing and recovery cream is the right thing for you. The power of intensive moisturizing and skin repair in one, this wonderful cream is particularly designed for those with excessively dry and aged skin. It removes fine lines and wrinkles, and gently nourishes and moisturizes the dry skin, giving you a flawless, glowing look you’ve always wanted.