6 Best Inner Thigh Exercises For Women

Inner Thigh Exercises For Women

The chief complaint of almost every woman is the difficulty encountered in getting rid of the flabby fat that seems to have become a permanent resident of the inner thigh region. Some have actually give up on trying to strengthen and tone the muscles on the inner aspect of the thighs after repeated attempts.

Do not worry for this summer season; it will be very much possible for you to wear skinny fit jeans, shorts or swimsuits without dreading being called ‘disproportionate’. Here are the top six exercises that will work the three key inner thigh muscles and render toned results within a few weeks.

Efficacious Inner Thigh Exercises

Banish Inner Thigh Fat With Pilate Exercise

Target the inner thigh muscles with an exercise that involves single leg lift in order to effectively tone the muscles. You require an exercise mat to execute this exercise. Lie flat on your left side in a straight line such that the alignment of your head, shoulders, hips and leg falls in the correct zone. You can either rest your head against the extended left arm or prop it on the palm. For additional support and balance, place the left hand on the mat in front of your chest.

Now, place your right foot whilst bending the knee in front of the hips to further stretch the muscles of the hip. Take a deep breath and use your inner thigh muscles to slowly raise the extended leg off the surface of the mat without bending. Raise it to a level you are comfortable with in the beginning and advance to higher level after some time.

Hold this position for a few seconds, after which you must exhale and lower the left leg. Repeat the same five to eight times and switch to the other side. During this exercise, keep the following tip in mind: Keep your hips stacked one over the other and prevent its rolling in a forward or backward direction.

Banish Inner Thigh Fat With Pilate Exercise

Scissor Kick To Kick Calories

Challenge the inner thigh muscles by performing the scissor kick exercise correctly and regularly. To begin, place your body against the exercise mat such that the back makes full contact with it. Place both your hands on either side of the hips with palms facing downwards. Keeping both the toes pointed forward, raise your legs away from the mat so as to form an angle of forty-five degree with the base.

In the next step, spread both the legs as much as possible, now bring them inwards at the same pace and finally cross the right leg over the left one. This is followed by another cycle where you uncross the legs; place them wide apart and this time cross the left leg over the right one. Continue this leg alternation and complete twenty repetitions. For those who have recently begun exercising, you can perform the scissor kick exercise sans the ankle weight. For an advanced level, incorporate ankle weights that weigh around three pounds which can be increased gradually.

Scissor Kick To Kick Exercise

Make Mono Leg Circle

This particular exercise though looks deceptively simple, is actually pretty intense to perform. Aim for sleeker inner thighs by doing this exercise ever alternate day of the week. Lie face up on the exercise mat and rest both the arms by either side with palms flat on the mat. Pull your abdominal muscles inwards towards the spine with toes pointed out. Now slowly extend any leg up towards the ceiling without raising the hips.

With a deep inhalation, begin tracing an imaginary full circle, first in a clockwise direction on the ceiling by moving the entire raised leg. Once that one circle has been made, repeat the same exercise in an anti-clockwise direction. Switch to the other leg and repeat. With practice, try increasing the dimension of the circle for better results.

Make Mono Leg Circle Exercise

Plie Squat Exercise

This exercise works every single muscle in the lower half of your body and especially the inner thigh muscles. One of the key differences between the plie squat and the traditional squat lies in the different feet placement. Get ready for the first repetition by keeping your feet further apart (exceed the shoulder width apart distance) and plant your feet pointing outwards thereby forming a forty five degree angle. It is important for you to keep your head up and back completely straight while bending both the knees and lowering of the hips.

In this posture, your bottom will be pushed out slightly while your knees must never cross the toe level. Make sure, by trying to over step your physical limitations, your body doesn’t lose balance. Stay in the lowered position for a few seconds after which you can return to the standing position. For an advanced level, you can always incorporate a dumbbell in each hand while following the above mentioned steps.

Plie Squat Exercise

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Chair Exercise For Effective Inner Thigh Results

Perform this simple chair exercise on a daily basis. Place yourself on the edge of the chair, keeping your knees bent at a ninety degree angle and feet planted on the floor.

Make sure your back remains upright at all times during the exercise. Place a stability ball or rolled towel between both the knees. Now, give the ball sandwiched between your knees a tight squeeze that goes on for twenty to thirty seconds. Release the contraction and repeat at least eight to ten times till the successful completion of three separate sets.

Chair Exercise For Effective Inner Thigh Results

Warrior Pose

Warrior pose is a challenging exercise with immense potential for stretching the inner thigh muscles. Here’s how to get master this pose. Get into the mountain pose by standing straight and keeping both feet together. Now, place your left foot in a backward direction to create a distance of roughly three to four feet between the two feet. Pay attention to the angle feet form. The foot of the leg in front should be kept facing straight, keeping the thigh perpendicular to the right leg whereas the back foot should be turned out at an angle of forty-five degree.

Make sure to keep both the heels firmly pressed into the mat at all times. With a straight back, begin shifting your body weight onto the right leg. Exhale air and slowly bend your right knee over the ankle. The last step involves raising both the arms simultaneously over the head and touching the two palms. Remain in this pose while gazing straight ahead for thirty seconds after which you can switch sides to repeat.

Warrior Pose