6 Best Natural Cures for Eczema On Hands

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eczema on handsEczema is a constant allergic condition of certain areas of skin which get itchy and flaky. Eczema can be developed anywhere on your body. Eczema on hands can be really bothersome because it causes the redness and swelling. Scratching makes it even worse and infectious. 

People who resort to medications for treating eczema on hands have often noticed that it relapses once the course is over. The best way to treat eczema on hands is going to the root of it. This helps treating it better. Read on to know more about 6 best natural cures for eczema on hands.

Natural Cure For Eczema

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is known for its medicinal properties and its benefits. It can be effective in giving relief from eczema on hands too. You can get a plant of aloe vera, cut a leaf and put in the refrigerator overnight. Now you can cut the leaf in a dissection and use it on your hands whenever you feel like.

Aloe Vera

Just apply the leaf on the eczema-affected area and it will give you instant relief. You could also apply it on your hand at night and see the results for yourself in the morning. You can also apply cocoa butter on your hand to get some relief from the dryness.

Personal Hygiene

Go for showers and take bath as frequently as you can. Use as much cold water on your hands as you can stand in your shower. You can also add some almond oil to your water to keep the skin on the hand well moisturised.

Change your Washing Detergent

Residual of the washing detergent in your clothes can also aggravate the itching on hands. So make sure your clothes are washed and cleaned thoroughly. If you notice that your clothes make you itch more on your hands, then switch to a subtle and mild washing powder. Use biodegradable products as the residue powder evaporates when left to dry. Start wearing more natural fibre clothes to avoid the itchiness and swelling on hand.

Avoid Milk and Milk Products

Avoid milk and eliminate all milk products from your diet to get natural relief from your eczema on hands. Milk is believed to irate our immune system more. So avoiding milk and its products from your diet will get you some relief.

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Change Your Diet

You can also notice which foods trigger the problem of eczema on hand and avoid them accordingly. Include lots of fresh food like juices, salads and steamed vegetables. You should consume goods fats with your diet like olive oil, ghee and avocado. Include omega-3-rich foods like walnuts, nuts and wild salmon.


Drink juices of green vegetables like cucumber, kale, celery, parsley and even ginger. Avoid caffeine and all gluten products in packaged foods like cereals and bread. Instead of these, include more sprouts, seeds and legumes in your daily diet.

Avoid Stress

Stress can also aggravate your problem of eczema on hand. So maintain a healthy lifestyle and relax as much as you can. Stress always affects our system in some way or the other. High cortisol in the body gives rise to inflammation. So keep stress at bay and let your mind free.