6 Best Natural Cures For Inflammation

InflammationInflammation is a kind of a reaction that our tissues have towards infection or injury. The tissues that are affected generally get swollen, become red and painful. The affected area may also get tender and feels warm. It is difficult to actually identify the reason or sources of inflammation. This makes its treatment difficult.

While you might want to investigate the exact reasons behind such inflammation and retort to medicines, natural cures always come handy in such situations. They are totally reliable, effective and quick too. Read on to know more about the 6 best natural cures for inflammation.

Natural Cure For Inflammation


75% of your diet should consist of raw foods to treat your inflammation. It is believed that most of the inflammation is caused to due diet. Make sure you include lots of fruits, vegetables and fibre to your diet. Choose vegetables that are deeply pigmented and fibrous have a high content of anti-inflammatory compounds. Avoid all Trans fat and sugars, refined carbohydrates and foods with gluten.

Fruits And Vegetables

Notice if eggs and dairy products trigger inflammation. If they do, steer clear of them completely. Consume half a pineapple everyday as they contain bromelain, an enzyme that helps in reducing inflammation and swelling. Papayas contain papain, again a swelling and inflammation reducing enzyme.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is full of anti-inflammatory properties. So just cut a dissection and rub it on the affected area to get instant relief. You can consume aloe vera directly too to heal from within. This plant can never let you down.


Herbs help a lot in reducing inflammation. Whether in fresh form or dried, herbs are totally reliable. You must include ginger and turmeric in your diet as much as you can.

ginger and turmeric

Holy basil is another herb that can be used for inflammation. Neem is equally effective. Its divine properties may help you reduce some inflammation and get some relief from the pain too.

Herbal Tea and Antioxidants

Sip of green tea as many times a day as you can to get some relief from your pain and swelling due to inflammation. Any kind of herbal tea can do wonders for treating inflammation.

Green Tea

Boswellia which contains boswellic acids, are compounds that are found to be anti-inflammatory in nature. The enzymes in these herbs help control and reduce inflammation.

Fish Oils

Fish oils help in improving the mobility of joints, hence help in reducing the severity of inflammation and pain. One may also want to replace fish oil with flax seed but then the anti-inflammatory compounds found in fish oil are very high.

Fish oil

Flaxseeds contain around 11% of those compounds as that found in fish oils. You can consume salmons, tuna, herring or even mackerel to get the required fish oils in your body.


Yes, water can help you reduce your inflammation. Water hydrates our body and works as a cushion against our joints. If you do not drink at least 8 – 10 glasses of water per day, our joint cushions get dehydrated.

drink water

Water help getting rid of all the allergies and reactions that inflammation might have caused. So make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep inflammation at bay.

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