6 Best Tips For Skin Care At Home

6 Best Tips For Skin Care At Home

6 Best Tips For Skin Care At Home Skin! Everybody craves for an absolutely clear and flawless skin. No matter whether it’s Tanning, Irritation, De-hydration or dullness, these small things majorly affects a woman emotionally. Small to smallest rash on the skin can make an awesome party event to disaster.

Also, with unpredictable climatic conditions, we tend to loosen up the originality of our skin radiance. But these temporary flaws on skin cannot afford you to waste thousands of money in the parlor every alternate week. So, here are some tips that you need to follow during Bad Skin Days at home in order to look fresh and beautiful:

Skin Care Tips At Home

Cleanse Your Skin Daily

Washing your face daily with a good quality scrub to get rid of dead cells, soap free cleanser or a good quality face wash cleanses the dirt and impurities and makes it look healthy. Face wipe also helps in keeping your face dirt-free. Also, avoid taking long showers as it takes away the luster from the body.

Ban the Sun Rays

Bright Sunny days cheer us all up and makes us want to step out in the floral outfits with putting up lots of sun block and sun screen, but many of us aren’t aware of the fact that not only sunny days require protection to the screen but cloudy and gloomy days leads to more skin darkening and uneven skin tone. Therefore, wearing a good quality sunscreen with enriched SPF allows our skin to breathe in.

Home Made Skin Packs

A natural way to get flawless skin is the skin pack. It has been used since early times where there were no parlors or artificial way for skin radiance.

6 Best Tips For Skin Care At Home

Since times, there have been innovations in facial packs. Some basic home face packs which are popular are fruit facial which can be made from papaya, tomato, watermelon, cucumber, etc. Also, substances like honey, yogurt, cream, fuller’s earth are great inputs for a healthy face pack.

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Say No to Makeup

Even your skin needs to breathe up for a change. Avoid Makeup whenever you can. Let it flatter it in a natural way. Regular make-up use can cause break outs, rashes, dry skin, and discoloration. Therefore, you should apply minimal make-up and should stick to quality brands and the ones with fewer chemicals.

Eating Habits

Food is the key ingredient for our skin and health. Eating habits can make you or break you. Not eating is not a sign to get slimmer and fitter but eating in proportions does that. A proper diet chart is a key to balance the equation between skin and health. Equal amount of protein, carbohydrate, vitamins does put in immense effect on the skin. Therefore, intake of Fruits, veggies, fish, eggs, dal, less fat and oil make you look younger and your skin richer and glow.

Sweat it Out

Regular exercise does wonders not only for your body but also for your skin. But, for that you don’t have to be a fitness freak. All you have to take care is to enjoy the benefits. Squeeze in 30-45 minutes in your daily schedule for walking, running, jogging, dancing, swimming, or in any other physical activity that interests you and you can see immense wonders not only in your body but also on to your skin.

Skin does not require expensive skin remedies and solutions, it just require proper and systematic care to drag it to excellence. So, be it the candle light dinner or an evening cocktail party, you’re sure to make an entrance wherever you go with these healthy skin tips, basking your own glow.