6 Best Tips To Apply Simple Makeup

6 Best Tips To Apply Simple Makeup

6 Best Tips To Apply Simple Makeup Putting on layers of heavy pancake makeup and looking like a painted geisha doll is absolutely outdated. The modern woman prefers to wear light makeup which enhances her natural beauty. Simple makeup or barely there makeup is the ultimate everyday makeup look that works well for women of all ages- from teenagers to older women. The secret here is to look good without wearing excessive amounts of pore clogging makeup.

Simple makeup can be applied in a jiffy. All you need to create that beautiful natural look is a couple of basic makeup products including foundation, mascara and lipstick. Simple makeup is also a lifesaver for women who cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive makeup products. So, for a fresh, flawless and perfectly natural look; switch to simple makeup.

An Insight Into Simple Make-up

Simple makeup is loved by teenagers and working women alike. Teenagers are able to enhance their dewy, youthful look with just a hint of barely there makeup. Working women on the other hand who are hard pressed for time can get ready in a matter of minutes by applying simple makeup.

So what exactly is simple makeup? Simple makeup is basically light makeup in shades which match your natural skin tone. Although minimal amount of makeup is used for this particular style, a woman can still look utterly gorgeous.

Tips To Apply Simple Make-up

Simple makeup focuses on enhancing a woman’s innate beauty. The art of applying simple makeup has been demystified in this article. Some easy tips to apply simple, un-fussy makeup are given below.

Hydrate the Skin

Before applying even a daub of makeup it is important to keep the skin well hydrated. Makeup applied on dry, moisture deprived skin can affect your whole look. So start by washing your face with a moisturizing face wash.

6 Best Tips To Apply Simple Makeup

A moisturizing face wash will remove the excess oil from the skin without drying it out. Next dot some aqua based moisturizing lotion on the face and the neck. Work the lotion into the skin. Wait for about five minutes, for the moisturizing lotion to be absorbed by the skin, before applying foundation.

For A Flawless Look

For simple makeup choose foundation in shades that are identical to the natural skin tone. Liquid foundation should be applied evenly with a small wedge shaped sponge. Use a wide foundation brush to apply powder based foundation. Liquid foundation with a hint of moisturizer works well on dry skin. If you have oily skin, opt for powder foundation. Ensure that the foundation is applied in an even manner to ensure that it does not appear patchy or flaky.

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For Glowing  Skin

To give that natural glow to the skin, dust some translucent powder with a hint of glitter on your face. Translucent powder will give that much coveted dewy appearance to the skin. Use translucent powder judiciously and don’t go over the top with it so that you end up looking like a sparkling Christmas tree.

A Hint of Mascara

6 Best Tips To Apply Simple Makeup

Don’t apply lashings of mascara. Just apply a hint of mascara to darken your lashes. Ideally, a single sweeping coat of mascara from lash root to tip, to avoid clumping, is all that is needed. For a natural look, choose mascara in shades like charcoal or deep brown.

A Touch of Blush

A kiss of blush on the apples of your cheek can enhance your natural beauty. For a naturally flushed appearance, apply blush in shades like baby pink or natural rose. You can opt for blush in gel or powder forms.

For Kissable Lips

For lovely kissable lips apply sheer lip gloss in subtle shades like pinks, mauves and peach tones. Women with warm skin tones should stick to lipstick shades which have a warm tint to it. On the other hand, women with cool skin tones should opt for lipstick shades which add color without drama.