6 Effective Belly Exercises For Women

No matter how hard we exercise, there is that one area on the body that just doesn’t want to get back into shape. And that’s the belly! Most women tend to lose their flat tummies after pregnancy or other similar conditions that tend to put oodles of weight around the waistline. Getting rid of this tummy fat is considered to be the hardest part of any workout routine for a woman.

So if you are desperately trying to get rid of that incessant belly fat and are wondering about the right exercises for the same, here are some of the most effective workout routines that you can opt for! These exercises would definitely help you lose all that belly fat and get your tummy back to looking slim and slender like it used to before!

Best Belly Exercises For Women

The Bicycle Workout

Adjudged by many trainers and physicians to be the best exercises for the stomach and abdominal muscles, the bicycle exercise involves lying down on your back on the floor and trying to imitate the action of riding a bicycle (with some alterations of course).

6 Effective Belly Exercises For Women

The Method: Lie down on your back on the floor and clasp your hands beneath your head. Lift both the knees knees up to chest level and simultaneously lift your shoulder blades slightly off the floor. Don’t use your hands to push your head up; concentrate on your stomach muscles instead.

Now rotate your body to the right and bring left elbow towards the right knee. Straighten your left leg as you do so. Come back to the original position. Switch sides and bring your right elbow towards your left knee as you straighten your right leg. This forms one cycle. Continue this pedaling motion for about 3 sets (20 cycles make 1 set).

Ball Crunches

Ball crunches differ from the normal crunches that you do on the floor. While normal crunches target the abdominal muscles but tend to place more pressure on the arms and legs, ball exercises target the abdominal muscles first before concentrating on the rest of the body for added stability and strength.

The Method: Lie down on your back on the ball. Make sure the ball is positioned beneath your lower back. Place your arms behind your head for support and slowly lift your lower torso off the ground, contracting your abdominal muscles in the process. Keeping the ball stable, curl up into a ball like position and stay like that for about 10 counts. Come back to your original positions, stretching your abdominal muscles as you do so. Repeat this exercise for about 20 times (which forms 1 set) and follow it up with at least 3 sets. Take appropriate breaks (10 seconds) in between each set.


An excellent exercise to get rid of the fat depositories on the sides of the waist, Pilates is comparatively easier to perform and require you to lie down on your back on the floor. Keep your feet together and bend your knees until they are parallel to your hip.

6 Effective Belly Exercises For Women

Keep your arms outstretched at the sides of your body, making sure the palms face downwards and are raised (a few inches above ground level would do). Now raise your chin to chest level and start pumping your arms up and down vigorously (raise and lower them by a few inches). Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth as you perform this exercise. Start off with 50 pumps and move slowly towards 100 pumps to form 1 set. Follow up with at least 3 sets.

Long Arm Crunches

Resembling traditional crunches, long arm crunches involve stretching your arms behind you instead of clasping them behind your neck. Comparatively harder to perform, the exercise would effectively target the upper and lower abdominal muscles simultaneously.

The Method: Lie down on floor in the same position you would do so for a traditional abdominal crunch. Outstretch your arms behind your head and clasp your hands. Your arms must be kept near the ears. Now contract your abdominal muscles and slowly lift your shoulder blades from the floor. In case you experience any kind of pain in the neck, support it with one hand (the other hand needs to be outstretched though). Lower your shoulder blades and lift them again repeatedly for about 10 counts to form 1 set. Follow up with 3 sets for best benefits.

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Vertical Leg Crunches

Also slightly different from the traditional crunches, vertical leg crunches would effectively target the oblique and abdominal muscles to reduce that incessant belly fat in no time at all. It would take a little more effort on your end to master this workout though.

6 Effective Belly Exercises For Women

The Method: Lie down on your back on the ground. Raise your legs straight up at a 90 degree angle. Cross your knees for additional support. Clasp your hands behind your head and slightly raise your shoulder blades from the floor. Contracting your stomach and abdominal muscles, raise your upper torso slowly from the ground towards your outstretched legs (as much as you possibly can). Don’t use your hands to push your neck upwards. Come back to your original position and repeat the exercise for at least 20 counts to complete 1 set. Follow it up with 3 sets every day for quick results.

Reverse Crunches

Imagine doing a vertical leg crunch from the opposite direction. That is what a reverse crunch is all about. This particular exercise would effectively get rid of those love handles present on the sides of your waist and hip.

The Method: Lie down on the floor and raise your legs just like you would do in a vertical leg crunch. Keep your hands clasped behind your head or on by your side on the floor. Now instead of raising your shoulder blades, raise your hips further from the ground (your legs should reach further upwards), concentrating only on your abdominal muscles as you do so. Hold this position for about 20 counts and come back down. Repeat the exercise at least 10 times to complete 1 set. And complete at least 3 sets every day for quick and effective results.

Even though there are plenty of other exercises and fitness routines that help to reduce belly fat, these are considered to be the most popular exercises among women today. Remember this though! It would take some time and plenty of effort on your part to see effective results. Dont expect to lose all that fat overnight! Be patient, be focused and above all, bedetermined to see your goal to the end!