6 Effective Tips To Care For Fine Hair That Tangles Easily

Care For Fine Hair That Tangles EasilyFine hair has the tendency to tangle easily, especially if it is worn long. There are a number of factors that may greatly contribute to tangling of the fine hair. The common factors include wind, dryness, playing, and sleeping. These tangles can give you a lot of pain and cause frustration while brushing, combing and styling your hair.

 If you possess fine hair and want to prevent the formation of tangles then here are some useful tips for you. You can get beautiful and tangle-free hair by incorporating a few changes in your hair-care routine.

How To Care For Fine Hair That Tangles Easily:

Trim Your Hair Frequently

Long and fine hair is more prone to get tangles, which may lead to breaking of more hairs. This will further make your hair thinner and finer in appearance. Trim your fine hair frequently to avoid the development of split ends and tangles. Once the split ends develop, they will further make it difficult to detangle your fine hair. So, you should try to nip it in the bud.

Trim Your Hair FrequentlyPrefer Short Hair Style

If you are not passionate about keeping your hair long, then it is recommended to cut short your hair so that you can take better care of your fine hair. Long hair will demand more time to look after it. There are a number of attractive short hair styles that can be opted for fine hair. You may ask your hairdresser about a ‘layered cut’. It can make your fine hair look thicker by highlighting every cut.

Prefer Short Hair StyleAvoid Blow-Drying

Choose a hair style that does not involve blow-drying your hair. Fine hair can be severely damaged by heat, which may increase its susceptibility to breakage, drying and tangling. You should always try to dry your hair naturally.

Avoid Blow-DryingUse A Satin/Silk Pillowcase

If you are presently using pillowcase made from cotton or polyester, then you may be more prone to develop tangles because these fabrics tend to absorb oils from hair, making it drier, and also catch your hair, resulting in hair-breakage. Satin fabric is soft and nonabsorbent, and hence will let your hair move freely while sleeping. Thus, formation of tangles will be prevented. If you have long hair then you can braid your hair at bedtime.

Wearing a sleep cap during sleep is yet another option to care for your long fine hair that tangles easily.

Use A Satin-Silk PillowcaseUse Alcohol Free & Oil Free Styling Products

If you have fine hair that tangles easily, then you should avoid styling hair while it is dry because it will make your tangles worse and may also invite new tangles. Tangles can be avoided by applying styling products like mousse and gels to your hair, while it is still moist. Make sure that the products you use are alcohol-free and oil-free because these ingredients may interfere with the natural hair moisture, making it dry.

Avoid styling hair while it is dryCondition Your Hair

Fine hair that tangles easily needs to be conditioned frequently. Shampooing hair should be essentially followed by conditioning, with a good-quality conditioner. Conditioners play a vital role in keeping your fine hair well moisturized and soft. Thus, tangles are kept at bay.

Condition Your Hair