6 Effective Treatments For Body Acne At Home

body acne treatment

body acne treatmentAcne is a skin disorder that can appear on many parts of the human body. Most commonly, acne targets the facial skin but other body parts such as chest, buttock, back and shoulders may not be spared.

When acne appears on the skin other than the facial skin, it is commonly referred to as body acne. Treating body acne is a bit tougher as compared to treating facial acne. But there are certain remedies that can help you in preventing as well as treating body acne.

Given below are some useful tips for treating body acne at home.

6 Effective Treatments for Body Acne at Home

Bath Frequently

Acne can be avoided by keeping the skin pores clean and unclogged. Acne is essentially caused due to clogging of skin pores due to over secretion of sebum. Dead skin cells and bacterial infection can also lead to the occurrence of acne. Therefore, it is very important to maintain proper hygiene. Bathing frequently helps in removing dirt, sweat and pollutants from the skin, which inhibits acne formation. In hot and humid climatic condition, bathing twice should be preferred.

Exfoliate Your Skin Regularly

Regular exfoliation of skin helps in eliminating the upper dead skin cells. Elimination of dead cells significantly reduces the chances of clogging of pores. Use lukewarm water for bathing. You should soak your acne affected body parts in lukewarm water for a while. It will loosen your dead skin cells and open up the pores. After this you should gently scrub your skin with a body scrubber or a loofah.

You can also apply a prescription skin care product with spherical exfoliation beads for the purpose of exfoliating the acne affected skin area.

Apply a Body Moisturizer

Skin dryness can make your skin more prone to body acne. Therefore, you should try to minimize skin dryness by applying a body moisturizer containing alpha hydroxyl acid. It will keep your skin moisturized, thereby preventing future acne breakouts.

Apply a Paste of Mint Juice and Turmeric Powder

Natural home remedies can be very effective in treating and healing body acne. An excellent natural remedy for body acne is to make a paste of mint juice and turmeric powder and apply it over the acne affected skin areas. It should be left for 30 minutes and then it should be washed off with tepid water. Turmeric and mint possess antibacterial and healing properties. Hence, this remedy works well in preventing, treating and healing body acne.

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Apply Benzoyl Peroxide Cream

You must be aware of the fact that Benzoyl peroxide is effective against facial acne. But you may be relieved to know that it is equally effective against body acne. Hence, you can treat your body acne by using a cream having benzoyl peroxide.

Take Oral Antibiotic Containing Accutane

You can also treat back acne by taking oral antibiotics having accutane.


Do not try to pick at your body acne. Try to avoid wearing tight clothes and consume a healthy diet. Eliminate oily, greasy and spicy foods from your diet while you are trying the above treatments for body acne. Also, drink plenty of water.