6 Effective Treatments For Discolored Skin

6 Effective Treatments For Discolored Skin

6 Effective Treatments For Discolored Skin Skin discoloration, the result of skin pigmentation disorders, can cause palpable changes in the natural color of the skin. Skin discoloration is an extremely common skin condition. Any change or variation in the melanin content of the skin can lead to skin discoloration.

Initially, skin discoloration was considered a marginally curable skin condition. However, as a result of revolutionary advances in the medical field, skin discoloration condition can be cured completely.

An Insight into Skin Discoloration

The human skin contains hundreds of thousands of melanin producing cells which are referred to as melanocytes. Every human being, despite race and gender, has approximately the same number of melanocytes. However, the degree to which these melanocytes are active vary significantly between light skinned individuals and their dark skinned counterparts.

Skin discoloration occurs when there is a sudden change in the basic function of pigment producing melanocyte cells. Sometimes melanocytes may produce reduced amounts of melanin, and this can lead to hypo pigmentation. On the other hand, when excess amounts of melanin are produced by the skin, it can lead to skin discoloration called hyper pigmentation.

Skin discoloration can be caused by either natural and /or medical conditions. Excessive sun exposure, prolonged usage of birth control pills, health conditions like diabetes, can all initiate or aggravate skin discoloration problem.

Effective Treatment for Discolored Skin

Depending on the degree and / or intensity of skin discoloration a dermatologist may prescribe one of many available treatment options. From laser treatment to chemical peels and skin creams, there are numerous ways to combat the problem of skin discoloration. Through this article we will examine some revolutionary treatment methods for skin discoloration condition.

Photodynamic Therapy

One of the primary causes behind skin discoloration is prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Excessive exposure to the harsh ultra violet rays of the sun can lead to hyper pigmentation or the appearance of brown patches on the skin.

6 Effective Treatments For Discolored Skin

The discolored areas or patches of skin are first painted with a photosensitizing chemical. The skin is then exposed to intense light. After a couple of sessions an individual can notice remarkable reduction in skin discoloration.

Laser Treatments

Laser treatment is another popular treatment option to get rid of skin discoloration. The two main type of lasers used for treating discolored patches of skin are the Fractioned CO2 lasers and Q- Switched Ruby lasers. Fractioned CO2 lasers are ideal for treating clusters of dark spots or large patches of skin discoloration. Fractioned CO2 laser treatment is so powerful that it can eradicate nearly ninety percent of skin discoloration caused by years of sun exposure in a single session.

Q – Switched Ruby laser treatment is generally prescribed by dermatologists to treat isolated patches of discolored skin. Unlike Fractioned CO2 laser treatment, the Q –Switched Ruby laser treatment does not cause any adverse skin reaction including reddening of the skin and stinging sensation.

Chemical Peels

This is another wonderful and effective way to remove the top layers of discolored skin. The best way to remove damaged upper layers of skin, to reveal baby soft and unblemished skin underneath, is to go in for chemical peels.

6 Effective Treatments For Discolored Skin

Chemical peel treatments are available in most top salons. A safer option, however, would be to get the chemical peel treatment done under the able supervision of a certified dermatologist.

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Skin Creams

Skin creams especially those which contain four percent hydroquinone or Retin A can treat skin discoloration effectively. Regular application of these skin creams can reveal noticeable results. The only drawback is that an individual has to apply these creams for several months before seeing even a slight change in discoloration.

The Hydrogen Peroxide Treatment

6 Effective Treatments For Discolored Skin

This is a skin bleach which is generally used to lighten facial hair. If you have dark skin patches on your face, apply hydrogen peroxide bleach every alternate day. After a couple of weeks you will notice that the discolored skin patches have become lighter.


Dermabrasion is a medical procedure wherein a dermatologist removes the upper damaged layers of skin. Dermabrasion is an extremely effective treatment option to get rid of blotchy skin discoloration caused by years of exposure to direct sunlight.

Typically a dermatologist may prescribe the  revolutionary dermabrasion treatment for facial skin discoloration.  However, this procedure can also  be used to remove patches of discolored skin on the torso as well. Light skinned people who have dark patches on their skin respond better to this treatment than dark skinned individuals.

Cryotherapy and surgery are some of the other effective treatment options available to cure skin discoloration.