6 Essential Face Skin Care Tips

6 Essential Face Skin Care Tips

6 Essential Face Skin Care TipsYour face is the reflection of your personality. You feel confident if you look glowing while a dull face digresses you. Remember facial beauty is needed to be replenished and restored constantly with a little care. Certain skin types are too sensitive to cope up with the harsh conditions of diverse weather.

But a slight care might escape them from being lifeless. Here are certain natural tips to turn your dull face into glowing and vibrant.

Tips for Face Skin Care

Try Cleansing

Stop cleaning face with soap base face washes as they make your skin more dry and flaky. Instead use a creamy cleanser to retain the required level of moisture. Alternatively Milk, honey or oatmeal, in its blended form can also be used for an effective cleaning.

Moisturize Sufficiently

Constant hydration of skin is required to maintain an appropriate level of moisture. Moisturize body immediately after taking a bath to lock it deep inside.

Always prefer an oil based moisturizer but be wise about choosing the kind of oil base. Oils like apricot oil, jojoba oil and mineral oil tend to penetrate deep inside and do not leave any permanent layer over the skin surface. For delicate skin apricot oil works the best.  If you are confused about your skin type, Vitamin E oil can be your best choice as it suits all types of skin.

Go Alcohol Free

Most of our beauty product contains alcohol as the basic element, which is poor in terms of preserving moisture. Try minimizing the usage of the product having high alcohol contents.

6 Essential Face Skin Care Tips

In fact, some natural recipes from the kitchen can be very beneficial in finding all the solutions of dry skin. To get rid of chapped skin, dab a thin layer of olive oil over the areas. It instantly overcomes the dryness of the facial skin, makes it look smooth and soft.

Say no to Super Heated Water

A hot water bath is the necessity of winters. But, if heated excessively it may cause disaster to the  skin. It gives rise to extreme dryness and may cause irritation and blemishes over the face in the long run. Always ensure about the level of heating to avoid such consequences.

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Drink a Lot

Water is considered to be the best cure for every kind of ailment. It flushes out all the toxins and carries off nutrient to every part of the body. Generally due to absence of sweating in the winter we don’t feel thirsty.

6 Essential Face Skin Care Tips

An absolute intake of water ensures healthy and glowing skin. Your water intake always depends upon the body need. On an average an adult should drink at least 10-12 glasses per day.

Exfoliate Regularly

In winters In order to have better absorption of moisture, Exfoliation of the skin is done regularly to remove all the dead cells and make your skin fresh. A mixture of yoghurt mixed with mashed pumpkin or papaya can turn out to be the best exfoliate for you. Leave it applied over the skin for 15 minutes. Wash it with cold water. Likewise a paste of brown sugar mixed with any essential oil when applied in a circular motion can be the best scrub to get rid of dead skin.