6 Excellent Natural Cure For Hot Flashes

6 Natural Cure For Hot Flashes

At some point of time, most of the women would experience hot flashes which might be very disturbing and might put their life to a standstill. This will occur before and after the menopause stage. These tend to occur many times a day and often lead to women being terrified of them.

6 Natural Cure For Hot Flashes

This will also make an imbalance in the hormone levels of the female and is a result of low estrogen level in the body. Once the estrogen levels are maintained properly these hot flashes tend to fade away. Even though there are various medications and treatments available, it is best to opt for natural cure for hot flashes that are highly effective in nature, which are discussed in this article.

Effective Natural Cure For Hot Flashes

Make A Concoction Of Red Raspberry Leaves

This is one among the most effective natural cure for hot flashes. Brew a cup of water with a few leaves of red raspberry and let it to steep for 15 minutes. Strain it and then consume the same. The presence of vitamin E along with other vitamins and minerals in red raspberry leaves are highly beneficial for women who are in their menopause stage.

raspberry leaves

Eat Small And Frequent Meals

When a lot of food is consumed in one go and gets digested, the major issue that occurs is the generation of heat in the body in huge amounts. This is an unfavorable situation. So make sure that you eat small meals. You can eat six times a day to remain free from hot flashes.

small meals

Opt For Cold Drinks

You might be a lover of hot coffees, tea or cocoa but your present body condition would not allow you to consume hot drinks as it might make you feel hotter. Sip on fresh fruit juices, iced teas and lemonade instead of the hotter drinks. If you have the habit of consuming alcohol then make it a point to limit its consumption.

cold drinks

Wear Very Light Cotton Clothes

If you like to dress in layers, well bid goodbye to it as it will make you hotter. Wear minimum clothes you require and make sure they are made with cotton fabrics to stay refreshed and airy. Also prefer to wear very thin cotton or silk clothes while you are preparing to sleep.

Light Cotton Clothes

Include Vitamin E Rich Foods In Your Diet

Care should be taken to make sure that vitamin E is included more when you are in your menopause stage. Include lot of foods that are abundant in vitamin E such as spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, avocados, olives, papayas, almonds and hazel nuts. This will supplement you with lots of E vitamin which is useful in reducing the hot flashes and night sweats associated with the condition.

Vitamin e rich food

Add Soy Products To Your Diet

You might not be the lover of soya but your condition demands for lots of soya food in your daily diet. Eat soya nuggets, granules, chunks, tofu or cottage cheese of soy milk to maintain the hormone levels in your body. This will help you to keep hot flashes away.

soy products