6 Exciting Tips To Apply Makeup For Party

Make up for partyAn elegant cocktail party, a poolside soiree or a night out at the most happening club in town, calls for sultry and glamorous party make up. The party season is the best time to play around with make up and showcase the looks sported by the hot and happening celebrities from your favorite sitcoms or movies. In fact, a party is the best excuse to experiment with rich lip colors and shimmering metallic eye shadows.

Tips To Apply Makeup For Party

An Insight Into Party Make up

A lot of planning goes into applying the perfect party make up. The type of make up you are going to apply will depend on the party theme. For a sit down cocktail, the make up should be toned down and elegant.

Makeup For Party

On the other hand, a casual party with friends calls for the usage of bold make up ideas and colors. In short, it is important to pull out all the stops as concerns your make up, if you want to look like a million dollar party princess.

Tips To Apply Party Make up

Party make up is all about looking flirty and fun. So, don’t get all het up about your party makeup. Just go with the flow, and experiment with different make-up products and colors to look like a goddess. Some exciting tips to apply flawless party make up are given below.

Moisturize Facial Skin

A well hydrated skin can take years off your actual age. Make up should never be applied on dry, flakey skin as it can destroy your whole look. Make up applied on dry facial skin can give you a haggard appearance. Take time to cleanse your skin with a mild, soap free cleanser or a face wash.

party makeup tips

Next gently dot your face with non greasy moisturizing lotion. Work the lotion into your skin using gentle circular motion. Stay away from heavy face creams as it can give you a greasy appearance.

Flawless Foundation

Start off with your foundation. Depending on your specific skin type you can opt for liquid or powder based foundation. Slightly tinted liquid foundation can give even coverage to your skin and miraculously hide all the flaws. Mineral foundation can also be applied as it is hypo- allergic, controls excess sebum production and is long lasting.

Foundation in a shade closest to your natural skin color should be applied on the face and the neck. To get even coverage use a wedge shaped sponge to apply the foundation. If your foundation looks cakey or patchy remove the entire foundation an start all over again.

Mysterious Eyes

The eyes are the most alluring aspect of ones face. Dark circles and under eye bags can mar the natural beauty of your eyes. A liquid concealer is a potent makeup contrivance to hide dark circles, under eye bags and skin discolorations. A creamy concealer should be dotted around the under eye region. Work the concealer into the skin with fingertips.

party makeup ideas

After applying concealer add some sexy splashes of eye shadow. Party make up is all about bold colors. So stay away from eye shadow in shades like pale pink and taupe. Experiment with metallic eye shadow colors to make your peepers look really alluring.

Lighter shades of eye shadow should be applied on the inner corner of the eyelid as well as the area under your brows. Darker shades of eye shadow should be applied near the lash line and around the outside corners of the eyelids.

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Lustrous Lashes

Go heavy on the mascara. Apply at least three coats of mascara on your lower and upper lashes. Lash enhancing mascara can make your lashes appear sky high. If you have extremely sparse lashes apply a thin coat of eyeliner staring from the inner corner of the upper eyelids just above lash line. Extend the line all the way to the outer corner of your eyelid. This can create the illusion of thicker lashes.

Chiseled Cheeks

Accentuating the cheek bones is a must for women with rounded cheekbones. With make up products  like bronzers you can create the illusion of high cheek bones. To get chiseled cheeks apply bronzer on top of the cheekbones.

Chiseled Cheeks

For a party apply darker shades of bronzer is warm shades like cocoa. The bronzer should be traced along the cheekbones in broad diagonal lines. To get an even more chiseled look apply a touch of blush and highlighter along with the bronzer.

Party Pout

For show stopper lips apply matte lipstick in bold shades like red, plum or wine colors. Blot the excess lip color with a tissue. Now apply an even coat of lip gloss in a shade similar to the lip stick. Finally, outline your lips with a lip liner. The lip liner should be in a shade which is slightly darker than the actual lip color. For a fuller appearance, apply a hint of glitter.