6 Gorgeous Wedding Nail Art Designs

Wedding is one of the biggest events in the lives of the bride and the groom and they try their best to make it special in every way possible to cherish the memories for lifelong. The bride though has her own checklist to complete before the d-day for making it special – her wedding attire, hair, shoes, makeup, accessories etc. Dressing up her nails with a unique manicure forms very much part of her makeup.

There are a huge number of nail art designs available for her to choose from. From classic and elegant to gorgeous embellished ones, from subtle and delicate to bold chunky ones the choices are endless. Before deciding on the perfect and unique nail art design she has to consider various factors like the theme of the wedding, her wedding attire, the accessories she is going to wear etc. We have brought here some of the best wedding nail art designs. Check them out.

Attractive Wedding Nail Art Designs

Red And Gold

If your wedding dress is red with golden embellishments like a typical Indian bride, then this gorgeous nail design will complement you perfectly.

red and golden

The traditional and glamorous elements make this nail art design beautiful and special on your wedding day. Draw beautiful floral designs with gold on a red base to get a stunning beauty and richness.

Laced Nails

These laced nails match your laced wedding gown to a T. The technique is not that hard as it looks. First decide if you would like to cover your nails entirely in lace or partially.

laced nails

Accordingly cut tiny pieces of lace preferably in the color of your wedding dress. Apply 2 coats of base color. Once it is dried apply a transparent coat which will act as a glue to the lace. Then place the lace on each nail carefully, pressing with a tool pick. Once it is firmly fixed and dried you can apply a top coat.

Glitter Glitter

Bring a sparkling effect to your nails with glitters. The very word glitter represents fun and celebrations. You can add glitters in a number of ways.

glitter nail art

Simple and straight way is to paint your entire nails in gold or copper glitter nail paint. Else you can add glitter just at the French tips or create a half moon design with glitters. Otherwise you can try glitter gradient which is one of the gorgeous nail art trends. Do not forget to apply a transparent top coat.

Polka Dots

Polka dots can never fall out of fashion. From casual every day wear to special bridal manicures they have found their place. There is no end to creativity to play with dots if you want them to be part of your wedding makeup. Apply beige or peach base coat.

polka dots

A combination of gold and black polka dots in a specific pattern looks classic and stylish. Even gold polka dots on red base also look stylish and sexy. You can embed rhinestones on some of the dots for that extra richness.

Bride And Groom Nails

This manicure design is true to the occasion. Paint the nails of your middle and the ring finger with bride and groom. How creative is that! Dress up your groom in a cute tuxedo and yours in an adorable wedding gown. Of course you need not draw the complete attires. The bow tie with buttons and the neckline of your gown with a necklace summarizes the whole event. Use nail art brush or a nail art pen for the minute details.

Pearls And Studs Nails

Pearls And Studs Nails

This rich and extravagant wedding manicure is sure to catch everybody’s attention. The tiny pearls and the studs embellish your beautiful nails in a stylish and edgy way. Let your ring fingernail be adorned with tiny shiny pearls, while the rest of the fingers sport tiny golden studs for an impressive look.