6 Latest Trends In Hair Colors

Latest Trends In Hair Colors To Sport This Season

If you wish to go for a brilliant makeover, the simplest way you can change your look is by coloring your hair. But, it is not as easy as it may sound. You are supposed to know the latest trends in hair color as well that will give you the glamorous lift of an up-to-date fashionista.

We bring here a few handy tips on latest trends in hair color. Have a look.

Tips on Latest Trends in Hair Colors

Tone on Tone with Varying Hue

If you are a natural blonde or brunette, the hair experts opine that this season the latest trend is to keep it natural, but with a dramatic lift.

Latest Trends In Hair Colors To Sport This Season

To be specific on this, you are supposed to color your hair with the shade that belongs to the same family tone as that of natural mane. Experiment with the hue a bit and go for either a lighter or deeper shade as per your natural hair color. Keep the roots untouched to complete the dramatic makeover.

Fire Up the Ends

Another latest trend that is predicted to stay for quite some time is that of the lightened tips.   Instead of cover up color of the entire hair length, this trend is widely used for streaking.  Whatever may be your natural hair color, you need to choose a tone lighter, but necessarily from the same family color. Now, streak the strands around your face. Boost up the highlighted strands with three to four shades lighter tone.

Bright Head

If you are in your 30s, it is expected that you may witness your first signs of graying. So, latest color trend that will keep you clicking, together with being apt with your age is a brighter tone that will be compatible with your complexion.

Latest Trends In Hair Colors To Sport This Season

You need to cover the entire length with this color, from roots to the tips and keep it naturally shiny by applying regular protein conditioning treatment.  This hair color will also do a great job in reducing your age by ten years at the least!

Streaks that Frame

If you have stunning jawbones or knocked down cheeks, the expert hair specialists have great tip for you this season. You can go for face framing streaks. This is also a great suggestion to hide the growing number of grey hairs that are common during 40s. Use multidimensional colors and streak the strands around your face, which define your face. You will be stunned with your new look!

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Full Coverage Soft Hue

If you do not wish to be too experimental especially when it comes to hiding your grey hairs, going for softer shades will be fine.

Latest Trends In Hair Colors To Sport This Season

Such a shade will impart an elegant and dignified look to your face without making it lousy at all. Full coverage hair color will be best to try, as it will covers your grey strands most efficiently.

The Natural Tone

The natural shade will never grow old. No matter whatever new trends hit the fashion circle, the immense appeal of natural tone will remain unparalleled. So, if you are a natural black, brunette, blonde or brown and do not like a different color for your hair, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. You can still remain in the trend by covering your grey hair with the same tone as your natural hair color.