6 Lip Makeup Tips

The most noticeable feature of any person while she speaks is her lips. Most of us girls have a tendency to paint our lips with colours. Lip makeup forms an essential part of your makeup regimen to make you look gorgeous and sexy.

We choose from various lip makeup trends like flashing some striking colours or to keep it muted with a touch of nude tint. However, no matter what makeup we use it is important to maintain our lip’s moisture all the time especially during drier seasons. Dehydrated lips will not give a good impression on the makeup. Here are few lip makeup tips that we can apply while putting on lip makeup:

Makeup Tips For Lips

Exfoliate Lips

Dry and flaky skin on the lips will appear cracked if the makeup is applied on top of it. It will be appear smoother if we exfoliate our lips quite often. Lip scrubs specifically meant for the lips can be used like Lush Strawberry Lip Scrub. We can make our own scrub at home by mixing 1/4th teaspoon of sugar with ½ teaspoon of almond or coconut oil.

exfoliate lips

Gently massage the mixture on the surface of your lips for some time and rinse thoroughly. A simple toothbrush method can also be tried where you can use a baby brush to exfoliate the lips. This is a very effective method as it gets rid of dry and flaky skin and will give you smooth and soft pouts that will give a beautiful makeup look.

Hydrate Them

It is always necessary to moisturize your lips very often. Always try to carry a lip balm that softens the skin properly. Try prepping the lips using a balm before applying makeup.

hydrate lips

This will make the lip colour to spread smoothly and the colour will not crease. Every night pamper your lips with some petroleum jelly or clear balm. Often eye creams and nourishing creams like Nivea can do the same job very well.

Prime Lips

If you want your lip colour to stay for a longer time use a lip primer. You can use a concealer to prime the lips too. Before applying the colour and after smoothening your lips with a softening balm just apply few dots of concealer and smoothen with a lip brush. If you apply your choice of lip colour on top you will notice that the colour will be more prominent and intense. This works well for much pigmented lips.

Define Lips

lip liner

Use a good lip liner to define your lips. You can alter the shape and size of your lips with the help of the liner. This will make your lip colour application more precise and contoured. Often dark colours like berry and reds tend to bleed and defining the lips with a liner can prevent this.

Repeat Application

If you want your makeup to stay for a long time use the layering method. Here you need to put on the colour of your choice and then blot it with the help of a tissue. Then again apply another coat of the colour. Talcum Powder can also be used on top of the first coat and then the second coat should be applied.

Lip Gloss Usage

If you are using a gloss you should not swipe the brush along the length of your lips, instead apply on the centre of the lips and press them together for even distribution.

lip gloss

Lip glosses and lacquers look horrible if they assemble at the corners of the lips. Try to apply glosses in limited quantity or they may end up looking too unnatural and plastic.