6 Magical Weight Loss Foods For Women

6 Magical Weight Loss Foods For Women

6 Magical Weight Loss Foods For Women Weight Loss hugely depends on what you eat. Of course, exercising is also crucial but a lot of it depends on what kind of nutrients and calories is the body getting. Moreover, you cannot just start dieting as it may harm your body if you cut some of the most essential nutrients. So, what kinds of foods are helpful in weight loss?

We have listed some weight loss boosters for you, try them and see the difference.

Weight Loss Foods For Women


Salmon is good for everyone and for those who want to lose some weight it is very helpful. It contains the omega-3 fatty acids which helps your tummy feel fuller for a longer period of time. Salmon also fuels the metabolism rate and burns fat as the omega-3 fatty acids stabilize blood sugars and reduce inflammation. You can take blackened or grilled salmon up to 3 oz in diet, three times a week; this will help you to get best results.


Blueberries are also important for women who want to lose some weight. It contains antioxidants and fiber; antioxidant increases the metabolism of body and also slows down the age process whereas fibre keeps your tummy full for longer periods. You can have a cup of blueberries daily as these are allowed under the most restrictive low carb or no carb diets too.


Popcorns, if taken properly can help you lose a lot of weight. However, you should not eat the super greasy or salty movie popcorns that might totally ruin your weight loss plans. Use flavored oil instead of salt for effective weight loss and use it as a healthy snaking habit.


If you are not taking cereals then start immediately. Most of the women use cereal for breakfast as it is one of the best weight loss food and is rich in fibre so it boosts metabolism. It is also great for working women who don’t have time to work on complex recipes. You can take a bowl full of cereals in the morning with a fruit or juice glass.


Protein is essential in your weight loss program and there is no better way of getting it from turkey. It has lesser calories than any other animal protein which can be really helpful in preserving muscle mass and keeping the metabolism working properly. Moreover, turkey is very satiating too, so you don’t have to worry about eating again for a long time after turkey sandwiches.

Low Fat Plain Yogurt

You cannot afford to skip the dairy products while dieting as these are very important for bone health. Therefore, opt for low fat plain yogurt, it is helpful in weight loss and provides calcium and protein to the body. Even the researches show that people who add yogurt in their weight loss diet plan tend to lose more weight than those who don’t. Many nutritionists consider yogurt as a ‘super food’ as it provides high amount of calcium, Vitamin D and many other nutrients which are helpful to stay healthy.