6 Must Have Shoes For Winter

Must Have Shoes For Winter

Winter is on us and you are all bundled up, moping about the lack of footwear choices. Rejoice, for the cold should be no reason to diminish your creative streak! While winter can take away a lot of footwear options from us fashionistas, it gives us reason to bring in a whole lot more.

Hold your breath, while we bring to you six must-haves this season that are sure to spruce up your wardrobe and guarantee repeat value.

6 Must Have Shoes for Winter

Winter Boots

Although this being on the list is a no-brainer, the trick lies in choosing the right textures and colours as well as teaming it up with the right outfits. There is a basic logic behind choosing your outfit when combining it with boots: the higher your boots, the shorter the jacket, coat, sweater or dress should be.

Must Have Shoes For Winter

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So, if you are wearing ankle books, allow yourself longer coats. For knee-length boots, wear shorter jackets. At all times, your jeans or leggings must be snug and form-fitting.  Boots are fun because they come in so many options. Choose between trimmings, lace-ups, faux fur and fringe.

Cowboy Shoes

Go Western, if you are looking from a slight shift from the boot style. Being termed the ‘urban cowgirl’ look, this style involves you choosing shoes with large buckles and straps that are reminiscent of quintessential cowboy boots.

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Refrain from a full-fledged repeat of the style and instead opt for shoes that exhibit just a hint of the Wild, Wild West.

Fancy Pumps

Okay, so pumps can end up looking tacky if teamed with the wrong pair of socks. Be smart. Opt for footwear that close around your ankle. Choose warm, luxurious colours like plum and crimson.

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Look for additions such as snazzy zips and large buckles. Materials like suede add warmth to your outfit and get a huge thumbs-up this season.

Bling Heels

If you are sure you will not be exposed to the cold at any time, let the dipping temperatures take a hike and let your footwear go bling! Rhinestones, studs and crystals adorning your standard stilettos will grab eyeballs like never before, not to mention add a little jazz to mundane winter colours.

6 Must Have Shoes For Winter

Better still, look for boots with a dash of bling. You can never go wrong with a mute pattern running up the side of your boots as the perfect party footwear.

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Printed Wedges

Although wedges are not ‘winter-y’ per se, they sure do add some smarts to your outfit. Balance out single-hued outfits with patterns. Wedges this season are all about prints that were otherwise only seen extensively on dresses.

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Be it floral or paisley, motifs or oriental, prints will add the necessary break that your outfit will need from monochromes and gradients. Don’t worry about there being a print overload – wedge heels that are in block colours take care of the necessary sobriety.

Go Converse

Nothing really compliments a casual day out as a pair of smart Converse shoes. Move beyond the opaque, blocky monochromes. Think patterns, think graffiti, think stamps.

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Go plaid, polka-dotted, tattered, go nuts. Better still; buy a pair of plain white tennis shoes and a box of fabric paint. Stripes, stories, graphic novels – your shoe is your playground!