6 Natural Cures For Night Sweats

Night SweatsAnyone who has suffered from night sweats would know how miserable they are. Night sweats happen due to a falling estrogen levels in the body and hence have to make too many rapid changes in the blood vessels. Night sweats can be of different severity.

From mild, moderate to severe. However, each causes equal discomfort. Night sweats often results in disrupted sleep and tends to disturb one’s sleep pattern immensely. For all of you who retort to medicines, you must know that there are no quick fixes for night sweats. Here are the 6 natural cures for treating night sweats.

Best Natural Cures For Night Sweats

Avoid Triggers 

For making use of this natural cure, you must first make a note of things that trigger your night sweats. Notice foods that result in night sweats. In general, you must stay away from caffeine, acidic foods, spicy food, alcoholic beverages and white sugar.

avoid alcohol

Intense exercising or even love making can stimulate night sweats. Avoid stress and hot weather. Also avoid saunas and hot tubs. Stop smoking completely. Always notice things, situations and foods that act as stimuli for night sweat and steer clear of them.


Licorice root

Licorice root is one of the effective herbs in treating night sweats. It increases the level of progesterone while reducing the level of estrogen. Black cohosh is another herb that is believed to reduce the hot flashes associated with night sweats. It is extremely effective and helpful for night sweats.


Relaxing is one of the best techniques of coping up with night sweats. Take slow and deep breaths when you experience night sweats. Try and put your body and mind to rest. Don’t stress yourself out unnecessarily. Don’t feel embarrassed too. Remember, hot flashes are only natural and most women outgrow night sweats in a few months to years’ time. This is just a phase of changes and it passes away in no time if you accept it.



Soy and fatty acids are believed to be great for fighting night sweats. They contain micronutrients that help control and combat hormonal balance. Include organic food, fruits and vegetables in your diet too.

Be Comfortable 

This is a preventative cure. Make sure you always go to bed wearing something that you are comfortable in. Don’t wear tight clothes. Wear soft cotton clothes. Cotton clothes soak sweat better and hence would help in not waking up in the night because of sweat too often. Try and sleep on bamboo sheets. They soak sweat much better than anything. In fact, if a normal bed gets wet 100% due to your night sweats, bamboo sheets only get wet by 10% by the same amount of sweat. The idea is to not disturb your sleep and combat night sweats better. These little things help in dealing with the uncomfortable night sweats much easily.



Acupuncture is also believed to be a huge cure for night sweats. It helps control stress and hence combats night sweats better. Visit a specialist to get the maximum benefit by the means of acupuncture. This natural cure has always been a great cure for almost all health problems.