6 Simple And Easy Workouts For Stomach

6 Simple And Easy Workouts For Stomach

6 Simple And Easy Workouts For Stomach Want to get that fit and flat looking belly? A tight and flat stomach makes your body look extremely lovely and in perfect shape. If your tummy is in a good shape, you don’t have to worry a bit while going shopping. You can buy any pair of jeans or trousers and the salesperson will never be able to say, “we don’t have your size.”

I know it sounds good, but to make this true, you need to get your stomach in a good shape. Some people use heavy dieting to get the desired body, but I must emphasize here that if you are really crazy to flatten your tummy, stomach workouts are the best option. Nobody can have a naturally fit stomach without exercising.

Here’s let’s get to know some of the most effective workouts for stomach and there is no need to buy any specific gym equipment for these. You can do them in the comforts of your home, but makes sure to do them on an empty stomach. These must be done on a regular basis to get the desired results.

Effective Workouts For Stomach


To do this workout, simply kneel down on the floor or on exercise mat and rest your body weight on your hands and knees. While doing this, you must keep your back flat and straight. Now slowly start inhaling while pushing your stomach out and exhale while pulling your stomach inwards. Now do this again as stated above and repeat several times.

Side Planks

This workout aims at working on your waist side muscles along with abdominal. To perform this exercise, simply lie on one side with the support of your elbow and your legs and hips should rest on the floor.

6 Simple And Easy Workouts For Stomach

Now while your weight is rested on your forearm, gently lift your hip off the floor and start breathing out. You should repeat this few times and then do this again by switching to the other side of your body. To increase the difficulty level of this exercise, you can hold your top arm in a straight position while holding a dumbbell in your hand.

Reverse Crunches

If you want to pay greater attention to your lower stomach, this workout is perfectly applicable to you. This will also emphasize on the softer fat areas of the stomach which is harder to flatten.

Gently lie down on your back on the floor and keep your arms straight at your sides. Keep your legs straight and then slowly lift your both knees upwards towards the chest. While lifting the knees, slowly breathe. Now release it nicely and take your legs back on the same starting position and while doing this, breathe out. Repeat this several times.

Roll Up

Lie on the floor with a straight back and gently stretch your arms and legs and make sure that your body is in a perfect straight posture. Now, gently start breathing in while bringing your arms overhead and start curling your upper body.

When you have reached halfway, start breathing out and continue to curl your body till you reach your toes. You can come back to the starting posture while slowly inhaling and exhaling halfway just like before. Do this exercise atleast 8-10 times.

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Leg Drop

Start with lying on your back and slowly lift both your legs towards the ceiling. Start breathing in and make an effort to hold your stomach in a tight position.

6 Simple And Easy Workouts For Stomach

Now start breathing out and start taking your legs to a lower position until they reach only four inches above the floor. Take a pause and take a deep breath inwards. Now slowly exhale while going back to the start position. Keep on doing this for atleast 10 times.

Oblique X

Keep your back straight, lie on your back with your arms and legs stretched and your body should form an X position. To do this, slowly lift your upper body off the floor and cross your left leg onto the right leg. After this, lift your crossed legs in a straight pose and reach towards your arms. Keep your palms together and they should be just past your left leg. Come on the initial starting pose and repeat this atleast 12-14 times.

Now, as you have read these basic stomach workouts, make sure to adopt them in your daily routine. Doing these regularly can really get you that desired flat stomach. Make sure to compliment these exercises with a healthy and nutritional diet. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try these out!