6 Simple Everyday Make Up Tips

everyday makeupSometimes simple things can make us puzzled and one such supreme example is ‘Every day Make-Up’. Though each woman craves to look good and steal other’s attentions but maintaining that spell on a daily basis is really challenging. In daily life every woman is busy and in a hurry either to reach college or office or workplace, so they hardly get enough time to spend much on make-up.

On the other hand, dust, impurities, sun, pollution and stress easily spoils the glamour to carry it on whole day. So the make-up needs to be such to make you look fresh and natural and appealing, yet it should not be heavy or too much vibrant to make you look like a clown. But you don’t need to be confused any more as in this article we are providing you the simplest make-up tips which can make you shine whole day and win thousands hearts guaranteed!

Everyday Make-Up Tips

Get A Fresh Face

cleaning face

First clean your face with a mild face-wash to remove the excess oil, dead cells and impurities. Then apply an oil free moisturizer to all over your face and neck properly and massage gently in circular motions with your finger tips. This step is also essential for oily skin as it minimizes the chances of break-outs.

Apply Base Make-Up

Next prepare a smooth base for the make-up and to do this apply primer foundation. Primer foundation is also helpful to make your make-up stay for a longer time. But it is not compulsory for everyday make-up. So you can apply liquid foundation to your skin to give an even finish. Apply little amount to your forehead, chin, nose etc. and if you don’t have any spots on your cheeks then also apply it to your cheeks and mix it properly with the skin. You can also opt for powder foundation.

Use Concealer


If you have pimple marks or scars or dark circles or any spot on your face then using concealer is must. It helps to hide the spots and provides a flawless skin. You just need to dab little amount of it over the spots and with your pre-cleaned finger-tips blend it gently with the skin. Finish it off by swirling a bit of translucent powder all over the face.

Blush with Blusher

To add extra glamour and appeal to your face you can opt for blusher or bronzer. To apply it, just sweep the blusher upward from the apple of the cheeks to temples.

Blush with Blusher

But make sure not to apply too much or it will make you look like a fool. If you are applying bronzer then dab little amount to your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin to get a fresh, brighter and natural look.

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Keep Eyes Natural

In every day make up keep your eyes natural to get a fresher and soothing look all day. First prepare the smooth base by applying eye-primer followed by swirling little powder. Then apply the eye shadow, choose a neutral colour for daily wear.

You can pick for medium brown shade and colour your eyelids while for eye brow-bones choose a lighter colour as off white, this will even work as a highlighter. Now outline your eyes with brown or black liner and try to draw it from under the lashes. Don’t need to complete the line leave a little bit area towards the end. Finish off the eye make up by curling the eyelashes and applying few coats of mascara.

Sexy and Natural Lips

Proper lip make up is necessary as it provides completeness to your look. First apply tinted lip balm or SPF lip balm to your lips to make them softer.

natural lips

Now apply the lipstick to both your lips but make sure not to mess the edges. Finally hold a bloating paper to your lips to eliminate the excess colour and get a pair of natural sultry lips. Bingo!! You are done!