6 Simple Home Remedies For Frizzy Hair

frizzy hair

frizzy hairFrizz or fluffed up hair can ruin even the best hairdo. The problem of frizzy hair worsens during the monsoon season when humidity levels sky rocket. Extensive usage of hair styling agents like curling iron can cause hair to become dry and damaged. Women with dry damaged hair are more likely to encounter the problem of frizzy fly-aways.

There are numerous hair care products, ranging from shampoos to deep conditioners and hair serums, which claim to control hair frizz. But the truth remains that most of these products have little effect on frizzy, dry hair other than providing some short term reprieve.

An Insight InTo Frizzy Hair

We are bombarded with a lot of well meaning advice on how to tame frizzy hair. The main culprits behind this common hair problem are lack of moisture and regular exposure to harsh chemical laden hair care products. The problem of frizzy hair is further compounded if you are blessed with naturally curly hair.

However, frizzy hair condition is not a problem which cannot be surmounted. The key to tame dry, frazzled hair is to inject as much moisture into the hair shaft as you possibly can. Espousing a regular hair care routine can help to preserve the natural beauty of hair.

Home Remedies For Frizzy Hair

There are numerous inexpensive ways to deep condition hair and reduce frizz. Hot oil treatment is a popular option to control dry frizzy hair. Besides this, there are many effective home remedies to control frizzy hair. A few wonderful home remedies to tame frizzy hair are listed below.

Use Avocado And Mayonnaise

To tame frizzy hair, you can prepare an avocado and mayonnaise mixture. Chop finely half a ripe avocado. Put the avocado chunks into a food processor. Now add one cup of mayonnaise. Blitz the avocado and mayonnaise until the ingredients reach a creamy consistency.


Now transfer the avocado mayonnaise paste into a glass bowl. Scoop a good amount of this mixture with your finger tips and work it into your hair. Cover your hair with plastic cling foil or wear a shower cap. Leave this gooey mixture on your scalp for about forty five minutes. Now shampoo your hair and rinse with cold water.

Apply Olive Oil And Egg Mixture

This is another wonderful home remedy to control frizzy, unmanageable hair. In a glass bowl mix together one raw egg (egg yolk and white) and a quarter cup of extra virgin olive oil. Now work this mixture into your hair.

Ensure that each and every strand of hair is coated with this deep nourishing mix. Leave this mixture on your hair for half an hour and then wash it off with your regular shampoo. Rinse with cold water for added shine.

Use Coconut Milk

coconut milk

Coconut milk, especially the first extract, is known to deep condition and tame dry, frizzy hair. For added nourishment mix half a cup of coconut milk with one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and apply this mixture on your hair. Leave this mixture on your hair for half an hour before washing it off with herbal shampoo.

Apply Flaxseed Gel

If you have the time and the inclination there is nothing like preparing some flaxseed gel to tame frizzy hair. To prepare the nourishing flaxseed gel, boil four cups of water in a large saucepan.

Once the water becomes nice and hot add one and a half cups of whole flaxseeds. Reduce the heat and stir the mixture constantly. Allow the concoction to reduce to half. Now pour the mixture through a fine sieve into a glass bowl. Add a few drops of rose essential oil to the liquid.

Allow the liquid to cool down. Once the liquid cools down it will have a gelatinous texture. Rub this glutinous mixture into the hair. Leave it one for half an hour. Wash off the mixture with a mild shampoo and rinse with cool water.

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The Hot Oil Therapy

There is nothing like indulging in some hot oil therapy to control frizzy hair. Lightly warm natural oils of your choice like palm oil, coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil. Rub the warm oil into your scalp and apply a generous amount of this oil on your hair as well.

hot oil therapy

Ideally, you should apply the warm oil just before turning in for the night. Wash you hair first thing in the morning with a mild shampoo. Rinse with luke-warm water.

Use Honey

Moisture rich honey can tame even the frizziest locks. You can use honey alone or you can make a nourishing honey and olive oil mask. Apply this nourishing mask on your hair. Leave it on for half an hour. Wash your hair with a gentle shampoo and rinse with cold water.