6 Simple Home Remedies For Ringing In Ears

ringing in earsAn ambulance shrieks across the road with its blaring siren and you cover your ears to escape the sound! However, there are many people, who cannot escape such noisy situations even by covering their ears. Ringing in the ears is a common problem and faced by many when exposed to loud noise.

You do not have to rush to visit your Doctor because your ear is ringing – you can try out simple home remedies for ringing in ears which will help in coping with the problem. Here are a few things which are surely going to help you.

Home Treatment For Ringing In Ears

Skull Thumping

Loud blaring noise in a concert or a club often causes ear ringing due to damage caused in the little hairs present in cochlea. It causes inflammation as well as stimulation of the nerves which is interpreted by the brain as ringing. You need to thump your skull gently on the back side and in many cases it helps and the ringing stops. However, be careful not to hit your skull hard or you will injure yourself.

Use Hot Water Bottle

Have a bottle of hot water just under your neck while you are sleeping. Since the bottle is compressed it will help in increasing blood flow towards your ears from the brain.

Hot Water Bottle

You can also mix a few oils in this water – oils like rosemary or eucalyptus can be used in the water. You can cover your head while you inhale the vapor from this mixture and you will get relief shortly.

Take Adequate Rest


Get enough of rest. Ensure that you are sleeping for at least 8 hours in a day. If you are too much exhausted or tired your resistance to flue and cold will automatically reduce. This causes a swelling in your inner section of the ear and can aggravate your ear ringing problem. Adequate rest is always recommended for a healthy mind and body.

Exercise Regularly


In many cases it has been found that ringing in the ear is caused due to poor circulation. All you need to do is exercise and maintain optimum fitness level. Spend some time in walking around daily, or get involved in any kind of light to moderate exercise. This will help in improving blood circulation and reduce your ear ringing problem.

Move Away From Sound

Loud noise often lingers in our ears even after it ceases to exist. This can lead to the problem of ear ringing which is often referred to as tinnitus. So, try to stay away from loud music or sound from walkman, iPods or any other music device. Too much use of these devices can also lead to the problem, as you experience your ear ringing even after removing the device.

Stop Worrying

Anxiety, worry and stress might aggravate your problem further and increase your woes. Your ears will ring further if you keep worrying about why it is ringing, since everything is related to the nervous system.


If you constantly think about the problem your problem will increase further. Get rid of stress, anxiety and tension with regular meditation and yoga.

Try these home remedies for ear ringing problem – it will surely give you relief.