6 Sizzling Winter Make Up Tips

6 Sizzling Winter Make Up Tips

With the advent of winter and its cold and harsh wind you have to face many hurdles as dry or rough skin, chapped lips etc. and thus along with your cloths this is also the time to bring change to your make-up. During winter skin appears pale,dull and dry,so instead of heavier foundation you can opt for lighter foundation to make your skin appear smooth, silky and even.

On the other hand, the light of winter season is whiter and less bright than of a summer so to make you shining like a pearl you need to look for proper make-up than depending of sun as you usually do in summer. In recent time the typical frosty colours and glitter-shine of winter is replaced by matte finishing and ladies just love smearing their cheeks and lips with bold and pops of vibrant colours which itself setting new trend in winter make up so if you too want to set a signature make up statement then this article is a ‘must read’ for you.

Winter Make Up Tips

Apply Moisturizer

The harsh cold winter wind is merciful to no one and whenever it lashes your skin it takes away the natural moisture leaving your skin dry, rough and broken. So when you wear make-up over this it becomes even dryer and dry patches or skin peeling can be visible.

apply moisture

So you must need to adhere to a rich moisturizer during winter to fight these problems. This will not only remove dryness and hydrate it but also bring smoothness and glow to your skin. Apply it at least twice a day, once in the morning and before going to bed at night.

Look For Matt Foundation

In winter you need to switch to matt foundation from those dewy foundations of summer. Pick a matt-touch foundation matching your skin-tone. Now apply it lightly all over followed by swirling little amount of translucent powder by a large- bristled brush to set the foundation.

matt foundation

Neutral Eyes

If you are playful with the pops of bold colour on cheeks and lips, your eye make-up needs to be minimal by neutral make up. Define your eyes with black eye liner and draw a slim line closest possible to your eyelash line.

neutral eyes

Colour your eyelids with neutral colour eye-shadow as gray or brown. You can curl your eye-lashes to intensify the look and finish off the eye make up by applying few coats of black mascara.

Choose One Feature To Highlight

Select your any one feature to highlight between cheeks or lips. If the cheek-bones are your assets then you can play with different colour blush or if you have a pair of sexy plumping lips then colour them with the pops of vibrant colour.

choose feature

You have to focus any particular area or you will look like a fool. Candy or fruit colours are ruling the markets now so you can go for vibrant red or pink or peach etc. Women with white skin tone may prefer pastel shades while dusky beauties may go for orange,bronze or warm colours.

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Blushing Cheeks

While playing with blusher remember that, as right amount of colour can add extra points to your glam quotient too much can even make you look like a clown.

blusing cheeks

You can go for powder blush which goes well over matte finished skin. With the help of an angled brush you can sweep the colour upward to the temples from the apples of the cheeks to create a beautiful punch.

Flirty Lips

To get a pair of soft yet flirty lips you can omit outlining your lips with lip liner and fill it with matte lipstick. As one hand it won’t look heavy while on the other hand it stays for long time.

flirty lips
But if you going for hot and seducing colour for your lips then you need to use a natural colour blush for cheeks to get a poised look.