6 Skin Care Routines To Reduce Rosacea

RosaceaIf you face acne-like red breakouts on your skin or can see your skin flushing frequently, you could be suffering from rosacea. This skin condition is discomforting and can mar your appearance.

Rosacea is characterized by small red pimples and red flushing on the face, primarily around the nose. Its common triggers include reactions to skin cosmetics and products, stress, allergic reactions to certain foods and even exposure to the sun. It is advisable to seek immediate treatment as soon as the first signs of rosacea occur. While it may not be possible to prevent it, with the right skin care regime, rosacea can be treated.

Natural Skin Care Regime For Treating Rosacea

Identifying Skin Irritants

Certain skin care products and their ingredients are known to set off this skin condition. Products that contain fragrances must be avoided. Similarly use of astringents can aggravate rosacea due to their alcohol content.

Identifying Skin Irritants

Use of soaps and exfoliants can further worsen the skin since they end up over-drying the skin. Other ingredients that should be avoided include camphor, cinnamon, clove oil, cocoa butter, lavender, lemon, papaya and thyme.

Sufficient Hydration

No matter what your skin type, water is possibly the best thing you can give it. Those suffering from rosacea will experience vascular dilation or flushing, which in turn increases the body temperature considerably.

Drinking water

Drinking water helps to cool down the body, thus controlling skin flushing and redness.

Protection From Sun

This is a must skin care routine to be followed by those suffering from rosacea. Extreme exposure to the sun can cause this condition to aggravate. Using the correct sunscreen throughout the day is recommended to protect the skin. Preferably sunscreens without alcohol and fragrance, and those that offer a minimum SPF of 30 are ideal.

Correct Use of Make Up

When dealing with rosacea, select your make-up products very carefully. Facial cleansers that often seem harmless can actually trigger the onset of rosacea. Avoid use of products that contain certain oils, such as witch hazels, eucalyptus oil, clove oil and menthol since these can further irritate the skin. Similarly, toners and astringents and products that contain fragrance must be avoided because they cause burning and stinging.

Correct Use of Make Up

In fact, dermatologists recommend that people with this skin condition should limit themselves to minimum products. A tip that could help – before applying a product, test it out on a small patch of the skin, such as the inside of your arm and wait for a few minutes. If you experience burning, stinging or even redness, this product must be avoided.

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Controlling Water Temperatures

Not just products, it is also essential that you check the water temperature before washing up. Too hot water will increase your body temperature and lead to severe flushing. Very cold water could also irritate the skin. Use lukewarm water to wash your face. Do not rub your face with a towel – instead pat dry with a soft towel and wait for the skin to completely dry up before applying any product.

Changes To The Diet

Certain foods can aggravate rosacea. These include spicy and chili based foods, citrus-based fruits, chocolates, hot substances like tea, coffee and hot chocolates, foods that contain high sugar, such as cakes and pastries, and vanilla-containing foods like breads and cookies. Remember that every individual reacts differently to food-based allergies. It is thus recommended to maintain a written log of foods that trigger this condition.


Proper skin care and use of correct products can help deal with rosacea. Always consult your dermatologist before selecting products and avoid over-the-counter medicines and creams. Read labels of product and preferably purchase products that are allergy-tested and made specifically for people who suffer from this condition.