6 Stylish Coats To Buy This Winter

Winter coats

As days get shorter and chills shiver you up, it’ time to rethink your wardrobe and invest in something that is fall appropriate.  And, what’s better than stylish winter coats? From comfy waterproof macs to trendy trench coats, there is an array of styles available  in winter coats to keep yourself off from the cruel chilly weather.  

Designed to best suit everyone’s taste and needs, some coats are so versatile that they can also be worn during spring and rainy seasons. So, if you have frittered half of your life thinking that winter coats don’t offer umpteenth selections, then you need to rectify your fashion knowledge right away. To know more about the different types and options available  in stylish winter coats, keep on reading.

Types Of Winter Coats

Duffle Coats

Winter coats

When it comes to lending instantly stylish appeal without keeping your comfort quotient at stake, no winter clothing item does it better than duffle coats.  Since most of the duffle coats sport hoods and toggle fastening, they are also perfect for  rainy, autumn and spring season.

The Peacoat

Traditionally used in the Navy during 1830s, the peacoat  is a heavy wool coat that is mainly characterized by the three buttoned rows and an extended collar. Earlier designed in blue and black hues for men, peacoats have now become a winter fashion staple among women as well.


Winter becomes the double the trouble when accompanied with those awful wet days. Therefore, to keep yourself dry and at ease, try out these awesomely stylish macs.

Winter coats

And, since they are not very thick, you can count them in your spring wardrobe as well.  You could also apply the layering technique here by pairing it up with a swanky knit or a shear jacket for that extra warmth and style value.

Insulated Jackets

If there is one clothing item that you can’t do without during extremely cold winter weather, it is insulated jackets. Perfectly ideal to be worn for winter sports like skiing, these jackets offer immense thermal intensity. Whilst male options are often slightly bulky, female’s styles feature a dart at the waist that fall straight to the mid-hip.

Trench Coats

Available in single and double-breasted versions, trench coats can be regarded as one of the chic options in fashion domain. They look incredibly awesome- both on men and women- when worn with an apt layering technique.

Winter coat

To create an impression of slim silhouette, you can opt for the belted version. Thanks to many contemporary fashion designers, trench coats now come with a fashionably modern twist that  makes people look exquisite in a jiffy, regardless the season.

Bomber Jackets

Another winter coat that found its inspiration from the modern warfare arena, bomber jackets were firstly issued for use in the United Stated Army Air Corps flight crew during the 40s. Not do they look eternally timeless, but they also make an ideal option for escaping the dreary chilly winds. Bomber jackets are characterized by their tight fitting wrists and bottom with centered zip closure.

Top Fashion Tips On Buying a Perfect Winter Coat

Buying a winter coat that accompanies your for the entire winter is a conundrum for many fashionistas. Nevertheless, it all begins with taking various fashion guidelines into account. If you are considering to buy a trendy yet practical winter coat for you, these tips will surely help you out in your shopping trip. Take a look.

What’s Your Size?

Most importantly, you need to know what fits you. Many women don’t bother to keep their size into consideration when buying winter coats. These women usually end up having coats in their wardrobe that are either too tight or too loose. This makes their figure look  more bulky and out of frame. Therefore, look for coats that flatter your figure. For instance, plus size women can go for a belted trench coat to camouflage their not-so proportionate waistline.

Watch Out For The Length

Likewise, you also need to take into account the length of your winter coat. What looked good on your trousers might not look flattering with your skirt. Case in point, long winter coats  that fall below the waistline blend with trousers and pants only;  they don’t complement skirts that much. Once you know for what outfit you are buying  the winter coat, it’s easier to escape fashion errors.

Quality Matters The Most

Coats that are made up of high quality fabric last long, and they don’t tend to lose their shine too quickly. Therefore, if you are buying a winter coat, don’t just buy anything that you see on sale. Remember, buying a winter coat is an investment. Choosing good quality coat will always work in your favor. So, don’t let the miser in you take over your wise fashion decisions.

Color Preference

Along with keeping the quality and fitting of winter coats in mind, you also to need be extra careful when it comes  to color, as a good color combination can make or break your entire look. For example, opt for vibrant colors if you belong to a country side place, else go for light colored coats to spice up your look. Moreover, look for good patterns and hues to complement the outfit that you will be wearing underneath. However, if you can’t think of a color that  would work best for your outfit, you can always go along with  the classic black.

Be Practical As Well

To avoid any fashion mishaps, it’s better to know your options and needs in advance. It’s always recommended to stack up your wardrobe with coats that are in fashion . However, don’t compromise on the need quotient. Don’t fall prey only to the exquisiteness of winter coats. Different coats offer different warmth and insulation. So, select wisely. For instance, a coat sporting a hood will be more practical than one that doesn’t have any.

Don’t mistake winter as the season of no-skin show. It’s also the season when you get to flaunt these amazingly stylish winter coats. And,  now that you know how many styles winter coats offer and what to keep in mind while buying a winter coat, you won’t find yourself ill at ease when searching the perfect match for you. Right?