6 Superb Benefits Of Vitamin E Oil For Skin

skinThe health benefit of taking vitamin E capsule daily is a well documented fact. However, the benefits of vitamin E oil extend far beyond the ambit of a simple multivitamin capsule.

Pure vitamin E oil features predominantly in most beauty treatments for the skin, hair and even nails. The antioxidant rich vitamin E oil protects the largest organ of the human body, the skin, from the ravages of environmental pollution and prevents premature ageing.

Benefits Of Vitamin E Oil For Skin

The naturally occurring and extremely versatile Vitamin E oil has a huge impact on our skin and the way it appears. This moisture dense oil keeps our skin plumped up and supple.

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Vitamin E oil also keeps various skin inflammatory diseases at bay and promotes skin healing. One hundred percent pure vitamin E oil can be purchased from most health stores and local pharmacies. Some key benefits of vitamin E oil for skin are explained below.

Reduces Wrinkles

Excessive stress, alcohol consumption, smoking and poor lifestyle habits can all take a heavy toll on the way our skin appears. Constant exposure to environmental toxins can accelerate the natural ageing process of the skin.


To slow down wrinkle formation by limiting free radical damage, apply pure vitamin E oil on a regular basis. Besides retarding wrinkle formation, vitamin E oil boosts the production of two important structural proteins of the skin namely collagen and elastin.

Prevents Dryness

Despite applying costly lotions and skin creams, many women complain that their skin still feels and appears extremely dry and patchy. The common cause of dry skin, especially during winter season, is dry air. Dry air sucks vital moisture from the skin. Low moisture level gives a dull, lackluster appearance to the skin. To inject some much needed moisture into the skin, apply vitamin E oil after bathing, when your skin is still wet.

Treats Sunburn

The best way to treat minor sunburn is to apply pure vitamin E oil. Vitamin E oil if applied topically can reverse skin damage because of extended exposure to the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun.


Vitamin E should be applied liberally on sun burnt skin twice or even thrice a day. Soak a cotton ball in pure vitamin E and gently rub it on the sun burnt portions of the skin.

Fades Scars

The fibrous tissue that replaces normal skin after an injury, surgery or disease is known as a scar. The degree of scarring depends on the extent of the wound. To improve the outcome of scars, apply vitamin E oil on a regular basis.

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Dermatologists also recommend the topical application of vitamin E oil to minimize the emergence of scars following surgery. Regular application of pure vitamin E oil also aids in the production of the structural protein collagen, which is responsible for maintaining the elasticity of the skin.

Reduces Brown Spots

Brown spots also called liver spots, appear on the skin as one grows older. To lighten brown spots, massage your skin with pure vitamin E oil. For best results, rub your skin with vitamin E oil just before you turn in for the night, and wash the excess oil off first thing in the morning.

Removes Stretch Marks

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To get rid of stretch marks apply vitamin E oil generously on your skin. Vitamin E oil restores the natural elastic property of the skin and aids in the growth of new skin cells. So, to eliminate ugly stretch marks rub your skin with pure vitamin E oil on a regular basis.