6 Superb Medium Hold Hair Pastes

6 Superb Medium Hold Hair Pastes

Gone are those days when one would find it extremely difficult to manage her hair and style it in different ways.With so many new products and techniques entering the market, it has become extremely easy for a girl to style her hair in whatever way she wants to and that in different colors and ways.

Hair pastes are one such product which allows the user to experiment with her hair. If you are in search of a good hair paste, then you can choose the one which best suits your hair from the following 6 superb medium hold hair pastes.

Superb Medium Hold Hair Pastes

American Crew Defining Paste Medium Hold with Low Shine

This is one of the best and most effective hair pastes with a medium hold over your hair.It gives your hair the much needed texture and also increases the definition of your hair.


It provides your hair with a pliable hold so that you can shape your hair the way you want to and also change it if you don’t like the style.It has lanolin wax, coconut extracts and tree tea oil extracts which ensure that your hair does not have to bear with harmful chemicals at all.

L’ANZA Art Elements Urban Molding Paste

This is a good medium hold hair paste which supports whatever way you style your hair and creates unique hairstyles. It delivers a lot of density to your hair and also thickens it for the ultimate look.


It also increases the volume of your hair. It is enriched with rainforest botanicals and Keratin Healing System which will seal the style you have chosen and protect it from damage.

Fudge Reform Medium Hold Shaping Paste

This medium hold shaping paste gives your hair the right texture, shine and the correct amount of flexibility so that you can shape your hair and not have to worry about it all day long.


A strong styling paste will make your hair feel heavy but this medium hold paste gives you light and manageable which can be re-worked or re-shaped if designed in a very easy manner. This paste contains the goodness of hydrogenated castor oil.

TrueFitt Hill Styling Paste

One of the best selling medium hold styling paste it leaves a very natural shine on your hair when applied and also gives it the perfect texture.

true fitt

This product is best applied on slightly damp hair to get the perfect look. It also seals and protects the style that you have created and ensures that it stays for a long time.

Alterna Caviar Pliable Control Paste

Get the style and definition that you had always wanted but had been afraid to experiment with.This medium hold hair paste gives you extremely soft and shiny natural looking locks that are sure to make heads turn wherever you go.


The overall appearance of your hair will improve with this product and it also protects your hair color for many days to come.

Billy Jealousy Sculpt Friction Texturizing Hair Paste

This is a unique hair paste with a medium hold that also moisturizes your hair along with giving you the power to style it in whatever way you want to.It has beeswax in it which helps to make your hair strong and shiny and the hold it offers has a long lasting effect so that you do not have to worry about touch ups all day long.


It is also enriched with the extracts of ginseng which rejuvenate your hair and make it silky soft.