6 Tips For Taming Curly Hair

Tips For Taming Curly Hair

Tips For Taming Curly Hair Curly hair absorbs moisture from the surrounding environment when the climatic condition is dry. As a result, the hair shaft swells up, and hair becomes puffy and appears untamed.

At times, it may be difficult to keep curly hair tamed. You have to take adequate care of your curly hair in order to keep it tamed and looking beautiful.

Whether you naturally possess curly hair or have styled it into curls, it is often affected by external factors like coloring, perming, use of heated appliances, etc. You may have to suffer from hair breakage and dry hair, if you do not try to tame your curly hair.

Although, it may require your attention and efforts, it is not very difficult to keep your curly hair tamed. Given below are 6 crucial tips and tricks for keeping your curly hair tamed and beautiful.

How To Keep Curly Hair Tamed

Avoid Brushing Dry Hair

Brushing curly hair when it is dry can cause hair breakage. It is also not advisable to comb wet hair. You should try to comb your hair when it is partially dry. Use a wide toothed comb for removing your hair tangles.

Use A Shampoo Specially Formulated For Curly Hair

Washing your curly hair with a shampoo that has been specially formulated for curly, frizzy hair is important for keeping curly hair tamed. Volumizing shampoo should be strictly avoided by people having curly hair because it will cause their hair to puff up.

Wash Your Hair Once Or Twice A Week

Curly hair should not be shampooed every day. You should try and shampoo your curly hair just once or twice a week.Greasy hair can be washed every other day with a mild shampoo. Organic shampoo should be preferred as it does not leave behind residues on your scalp and hair. Thus, your hair feels light and appears tidy.

Use Curl Enhancing Conditioners

Another vital tip for taming your curly hair is to use a conditioner that is specially intended for curls. Curl enhancing conditioners have the ability to hold the curls more efficiently for longer time. They also provide additional moisturizer to your hair.

Apply Hair Mask On A Weekly Basis

Application of suitable hair masks weekly can aid in maintaining moisture and curls of your hair. Natural ingredients should be preferred over the commercial products. An excellent hair mask for curly hair includes the mask prepared from egg and mayonnaise.

Break open two eggs and add adequate amount of mayonnaise. Now mix the ingredients well and apply it on your hair. Try to coat every hair strand with this mixture and let it dry. After the mixture dries up, you should shampoo your hair and then apply a suitable conditioner generously.

Try To Wear Your Hair With A Parting

People with curly hair should adopt a hair style that includes parting of hair. Side parting, angle parting or middle parting, all help in keeping your curly hair tamed. It also gives new dimensions to the face.

Curly hair can be kept tamed by taking little care of hair and following a suitable hair care regimen for curly hair. You can get a tidy look by keeping your curly hair tamed. The above mentioned tips will help you in achieving tamed curly hair.