6 Tips On How To Look Good Without Makeup

natural lookIt is always believed that good looks can only be acquired by wearing makeup. But, on contrary it is always not the truth. You always reflect the inner confidence on your face which can make you look good sans makeup. However, wearing a makeup is pretty exciting and interesting, but wearing your confidence is totally a different feeling.

You need not waste a lot of money on your makeup kit and still look attractive and elegant. All you need to do is, follow a few effective tricks for looking your best without any application of makeup. Below, I will try to make you aware about a few effective tips for looking good without makeup.

Beautiful Look Without Makeup

Cleanliness Is The Best Weapon

Anything which is clean and tidy, looks its best. You need to use this trick for looking your best even without makeup. Take a long and cool bath to refresh yourself and your skin.

face wash

This will remove the sweat from your body making you smell good. Wash your hairs every alternate day to maintain the essential oil in it. You should also wash your face every day before going to bed to remove the stuck dirt. This will give a look and beautiful look sans makeup.

Apply Moisturizer


Generally makeup hides your fine lines and wrinkles on your face. These generally occur due to the dryness of your skin. You should apply a good moisturizer on your skin to replenish it with the required nutrients so that it is able to hold on the oil. A moisturized skin always looks good and radiant, removing the need of applying makeup.

Nice Haircut

All makeup done with an untidy hair, spoils the whole show. On the contrary, well maintained hair cut requires nothing else. If you carry a good and complementary hair cut, you need not apply any bit of makeup.

Nice Haircut

You should keep in mind that the hair cut should complement your face structure and personality. Smart hair cut works well for a complete look.

Suiting Clothes

In every endeavor clothes speak out for you. Proper and wise selection of clothes for yourself always compliments your inner beauty. You should be wise enough to choose a dress in which you are comfortable and you are confident enough to carry it off. This is due to the fact that the feel of comfort always adds to your look. Thus, always select proper attire whether Indian or Western according to your comfort and preference.

Always Wear A Smile

Your face is the part which reflects your beauty. Your smile is the weapon which makes you beautiful. Wear a nice smile on your face to reflect the inner beauty.

smiling girl

This is an unavoidable fact. However, keep your breath clean all through the day. You may use mouth freshening chewing gums for the same. A bad breath can convert the beauty into ugliness.

Use Of Natural Elements For Cleanup

You can massage your face with mashed banana and then wash it off for getting a soft and bright face naturally. You may also use a paste formed by mixing yogurt and turmeric powder for applying as a face pack and then rinsing it off. This will give you a clean and clear face. These natural tricks will not let you struggle with your makeup kit. Stay beautiful!