6 Unique Makeup Tips For Looking Younger

makeup tipsWomen do one of these two things as they get older – either they wear more, or they wear less of makeup, lest it sinks into their wrinkles and  make them more prominent and thus, make them look, comparatively older.

It is not right. If you simply follow some makeup tips for looking younger, you can actually wear the very same amount of it always. You must take extra care and maintain the best possible condition of your skin by drinking lots of water, cleansing and moisturizing often.

This is not an actual makeup tip but elementary to the others, that follows. Use quality products that do not depreciate the skin more and do not hesitate to experiment and inquire; to learn and seek. Some handy tips that can keep you looking younger are as follows.

Makeup Tips For Younger Looking

Liquid Foundations

Use liquid foundations and more of those, which are yellowish in shade. This is because yellow is warm and this shade surely gives your skin the brighter, more natural and lively glow.

liquid foundation

The liquid products in this category keep the skin moisturized as well as do not highlight the wrinkles, rather fills them. There is less of chalkiness and a comparatively smoother look is imparted.

Use a Sponge To Apply Foundation

As you grow older, the amount of foundation you apply must go down. And it is better if the product is thinner and lesser opaque. Thus, we have a very fine idea for applying foundation here. Take a sponge, wet it and squeeze out excess water. Now, dab a little liquid foundation on it and move in circular motion, on the face. This thins the foundation, spreads it evenly and also makes it less prone to resulting in cakey-ness.

Avoid Heavily- Powdered Products

Remember, powdered products for makeup is equal to highlighting of wrinkles, and overall, a very old look . Avoid any pure flaky or liquid products which are heavily powdered. Include all the liquids in your kit, right from the eyeliner and base, to the eye shadow and lipstick.

Avoid Tinted Face Powder

tinted face powder

Tinted face powder also shows off the unnecessary, so you should avoid it totally and in case you think it necessary to use some of it for base, use minimal amounts, in translucent shades.

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Highlight Your Cheek Bones

As women age, the change that stays prominent in their face is, the gradual sleeking and reduction of fat; gone are those cheek apples.

highlight cheek bones

So, as you age, flaunt more of the cheekbones in your makeup. Highlight and show off the structure of the cheekbones to make your look elegant, hot and classier. Mature makeup has its benefits too. This tip is a very useful one.

Use a Light Colored Brow Pencil

light eye brow pencil

Now, about the brow pencil! The brow pencil that you use on fair skin is generally as dark as possible. If you are aiming at looking younger, you must choose a lighter and softer color of the brow pencil even if you are fair skinned. This makes the result, according to your expectations.