6 Useful And Natural Cures For Gout

goutThose who suffer from gout understand how painful it can be. It is an arthritis condition where the joints inflame and cause severe pain and tenderness as well. It generally causes pain in the big toe. Gout attacks can be really taxing. It can disrupt one’s routine life immensely. Repeated gouts can damage joints.

Care must be taken to treat gouts at the earliest before they cause any further problem. There are a few conventional therapies that doctor prescribe but then they come with seriously ill side effects. So we give you the 6 useful and natural cures for gouts.

Best Natural Cures For Gout

Change In Lifestyle 

Change in lifestyle should be your first and foremost step to fighting gouts naturally. Make sure you avoid foods that are rich in uric acid. Drink enough water to flush out uric acid from the body and prevent the formation and deposition of urate crystals.

Drinking Water

Limit alcohol consumption to the extent you can. Alcohol is believed to increase the level of uric acids in one’s body and this can initiate a gout attack, so watch your drinking habit at all times. Avoid caffeine in your diet.

Go Easy On Vitamin C 

vitamin c foods

Vitamin C is considered useful in reducing uric acid. However, it has been found that too much of vitamin C is harmful and in fact increases uric acids level in your body. So consult your doctor and find out what amount of vitamin c is good for you. Try and increase your vitamin C level by eating more fruits and vegetables rather than popping pills.

Weight Control 

Losing excess weight has been considered to be a great remedy for gouts. You must, under every circumstance control your weight by exercising. Exercising increases blood circulation and this in turn normalises the uric acid level in the body.


So get on your treadmill or hit the gym as soon as you can. Overweight people always are at a higher risk of getting gouts. Maintaining a healthy weight has been a great a great solution for gouts for ages.

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Avoid Beverages, Soda And Fruit Juices

Try and avoid soda, fruit juices and all other types of beverages at all costs. These tend to add up to your uric acids in the body and hence aggravate your gout problem. Bring down your sugar intake immensely to get best results. Also cut down on your grain intake and watch it as much as you can.

Cherries And Strawberries 


Cherries and strawberries are high in antioxidants. They also contain bioflavonoids and anthocyanins. These slow down the enzymes and help repair and even prevent the body cells from getting damaged.

Avoid Fructose 

Avoiding fructose can be of great help too. Avoid all kind of processed food including meat. Stay away from desserts and sweet drinks. So avoid cookies, cakes, pastries, candies, pies and all other fructose items at all cost. Fructose can trigger a gout attack very badly. So make sure you don’t include fructose in your diet in any way. Natural cures always show the best results so you must retort to natural cures for your gout.

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