6 Valuable Diet To Cure PCOS

PCOSPCOS known as polycystic ovarian syndrome is considered as intricate health issues of today’s time which is generally suffered by women of reproductive age. Being the frequent endocrine disorder, nearly 5 to 10 percent women all over the world are affected by PCOS. It is a frightening diagnosis which approaches with enhanced risk of distinct illnesses which gives lot of stress to women. The varieties of health issues can also influence the fertility of women.

As PCOS has an association with insulin resistance, you have to maintain your blood sugar and insulin levels reasonably which is your target with the proper nutritional plan. PCOS can also be attached obesity, high levels of androgens, polycystic ovaries and uneven/missing menstrual cycles. It is not always necessary that those women who’ll be diagnosed with PCOS will face these problems. If you’re obese with PCOS you need to lessen your weight for recovering from this state.

For this you have to intake 1200 to 1600 calories in a day with good food and right exercises daily. You can ward off the PCOS by ingesting the correct foods rich in minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that will be certainly helpful for you. We’ve presented 6 valuable diets in order to cure PCOS in women.

Best Diet To Cure PCOS

Turnip Greens

You should prepare turnip greens salad or slightly cooked turnip greens curry and ingest it for getting rid of PCOS.

turnip greens

Being exceptionally low in calories the turnip greens includes nutrients like Vitamin C and calcium which helps to fight PCOS and also weight loss. Turnip greens are hugely accessible for the body to use them for the reason that it contains low levels of oxalic acid.


Women should eat barley in breakfast which is a superb grain. The calories and Glycemic Index (GI) rating are low in barley.


It takes longer time to digest barley which includes low GI carbohydrates and thus it results in slow increase in insulin levels and blood glucose. Your craving would also decrease by eating the low-GI foods like barley and you won’t gain much weight too.


Women with PCOS will gain immensely by the broccoli. Low in calories, broccoli only comprises of 1% fat and it is also low in glycemic index. It is also a potential green vegetable including 60% of calcium that can be absorbed by your body.


You can either eat the broccoli leaves raw or by steaming it to some extent. When you are giving steam to broccoli, you have to remember that its fibrous stems take few minutes to cook, and only after that you can add the florets to it.


Salmon is reflected upon as significant for PCOS women. As salmon has low Vitamin D, it reduces the PCOS. It is insulin resistance and also helps in losing weight, and fends away infertility problem. Salmon which also contains rich vitamin B3, vitamin B6 and magnesium, aids you in sustaining fertility, hormonal balance and standard blood sugar levels.


While buying you are recommended to purchase wild salmons, instead of farm-raised fish which. But at the same time you should eat salmon moderately, be it wild or farm-raised. You should have salmon for twice or thrice a week. Women who are striving to get pregnant should be more careful in consuming them as the neurological growth of fetus can be damaged by the toxins of the fish.

Wheat Germ

Wheat gram is effectual for battling the PCOS in women. It affords you with rich vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) and other distinct B vitamins and also zinc.


You are suggested to ingest one cup of wheat gram daily that provides great amount of these vitamins. Thus you can include wheat gram to the cereals, breads, milk shakes, muesli or pancakes. You should keep the wheat gram in a dry place inside a sealed container away from the sun.


Cinnamon is also beneficial for liberating from PCOS. It also has exceptional properties that may be useful in enhancing insulin sensitivity and curing the obesity. You can add cinnamon in a curry or prepare cinnamon tea by adding half teaspoon in it.


The blood sugar levels will be controlled and you won’t craver for food much. Cinnamon which contains a significant ingredient named hydroxychalcone increases the insulin effect. Hence you can implement the above diets to prevent PCOS and heal quickly.

Photo Credit: http://womenshealth.gov/publications/our-publications/fact-sheet/polycystic-ovary-syndrome.cfm