6 Ways to Look Younger

Even as skincare advanced so much, we are able to build defenses against the effects of aging. We may not be able to stop the clock, but we are slowing the hands of time and trying to look young.

Here are some tips for looking young:

1. If you have silky hair, it can cut down years and improves your appearance. Proteins are the key and silk protein is now being marketed for the shine, weightlessness and the body it gives to the hair. Silk is a product harvested from worms or spider genes, which are expensive processes, but this molecule can make your hair silky.

2. If you feel young, the skin will also feel young, because there is a communication between brain and the skin, which are connected by neuro-mediators. Worry or stress can affect the texture of skin. To ensure that stress doesn’t make your skin aged, you should seek products having Cranberries from Arctic, which have wonderful antioxidants and are rich in Omega-3.

3. Sunscreens with proper SPF can give you wonderful looks and thus choose the best product.

4. Lipstick can draw focus on to lines, wrinkles etc. Instead of lipsticks, use Vaseline on the lips.

5. If you can restrict to 40% of calories, you can ensure the presence of more active cells in the body. The calorie restriction reacts with the Sirtuins, a family of genes, which can help repair DNA and ensure delay in the death of cells.

6. More importantly ensure that you take care of skin in a regular manner. Use the best of products which provide antioxidants and help the growth of cells.

Looking younger is possible not merely by the products you apply. You have to have a positive attitude and start thinking young. If you unnecessarily develop anxieties, you will also be developing lines and wrinkles.

Thus it is necessary to keep stress factor completely out of your regimen, have a good dietary plan, enjoy life and think young, to look young. Many people will not be able to do so because they feel they are too old to think young, but still would like to look young.

A piece of advice for such people: If you feel old, why do you crave to be young? So, better feel young and your skin will reflect your feelings.