7 Best Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories

Gone are the days when accessories comprised of just jewellery and scarves. Gone are the days when you could not accessorize your hair on your wedding day. With new fashion trends emerging, hair accessories are now the latest trend to follow.

Here is a list of 7 best and must have hair accessories.

7 Best Hair Accessories


These were hot property during the 70s and are now back in the fashion scene. These oversized clips are usually used to hold back carefully combed hair. To give this utterly formal hair accessory a kick, use it to clip together your ruffled hair in a messy hold.

Hair Accessories

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You can also try the half up half down hair–do and accessorize it with a barrette. You can choose from single metallic shades or opt for a pattern. These days there is a demand for barrettes studded with rhinestones.

Hair bands

Pair it up with trousers or skirts or a cocktail dress, it matches with everything. Style your hair loose or in a tight bun and wear a hair band to complete the good girl look.

Best Hair Accessories

Keep it simple with thin hair band or you can choose an embroidered one for a more special occasion.

Scrunchies or Ponytail Bands

Dazzle up your simple buns and pony with these colourful scrunchies or ponytail holders.

7 Best Hair Accessories

They can be single coloured, patterned or have a motif attached to it like a flower or a butterfly.


Usually you would find country girls in the 50s sporting them as hair accessories. But with classical trends coming back into mainstream fashion, so has this style of accessory. With various colours and textures to choose from, ribbons make you look simple yet stylish at the same time.

 Hair Accessories

You can make a bow on one side of your head keeping your hair open or use it as an accessory to tie your ponytail with. It can also be made into a hair band by just tucking the bow under the nape of your neck. Add some zing to your braids by plaiting your hair with the ribbons.

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Match Your Accessories


A comb is sophisticated yet chic at the same time. Though it seems like an accessory you can pair only on a formal occasion, you can make it work very well with a cute dress on a night out with friends also. For a formal occasion, you can tie your hair into a half bun and place the comb on one side of the bun.

 Hair Accessories

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To keep it casual and chic, comb your hair with a side parting, with your bangs falling onto one side of your face. Now take the comb and pull back the hair on the other side with it and let it hold the hair. This way you have one side pulled back and one side flowing. In styles and designs you can opt between something vintage or any inexpensive semi-plastic ones.


Tiaras are perfect for the princess that you are. Wear it with an intricate up-do to get the glam look.

7 Best Hair Accessories

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This accessory is exclusively for the black-lie parties. Remember not to make the mistake of teaming it up on a night out with friends. It will back fire.


Go completely bohemian with headbands. They look beautiful with anything, be it a pair of jeans or a nice flowy dress. You can try the punk look by teaming your jeans with a rocker t-shirt and wearing a headband with open hair.

Hair Accessories

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You can also try looking like a Greek goddess by wearing a headband studded with flowers. The headbands are easily available in any clothing store. Or you can make your own with a ribbon or an overstretched patterned scrunchie.