7 Best Home Remedies For Eyelash Growth

eyelash growth

eyelash growthVoluminous lashes are considered uberly feminine and sexy. Unfortunately, a lot of women are blessed with naturally wimpy or sparse lashes. To give the appearance of longer and thicker lashes, one can either invest in fake eyelashes, or use breakthrough prescription medications which are specifically formulated to enhance lash growth. However, most of these lash enhancing products and medications cost a bomb.

An Insight Into Eyelash Growth

The length and thickness of an individual’s eyelashes are attributed to his or her unique genetic makeup. Eyelashes like the rest of the hair on our body conform to a specific growth pattern. A human lash grows very slowly, at the rate of 0.006 inches per day.

Each eyelash survives for just three months before falling out. When an eyelash falls out a new one grows in its place. Typically, only fifteen percent of our eyelashes are in the growth stage while nearly eighty five percent of the lashes remain in a dormant state at any given point of time.

Effective Home Remedies For Eyelash Growth

There are many home remedies to enhance eyelash growth. Most of these home remedies have been handed down through the generations to enhance lash growth and volume. Through this article we will examine a few simple home remedies specially formulated to increase the length and thickness of eyelashes.

Apply Olive Oil

Applying extra virgin olive oil on your lashes can improve eyelash growth. Olive oil which acts as a natural conditioner should be applied on the eyelashes using an ear bud. Take one teaspoon of olive oil in a glass bowl. Now dip a clean ear bud into the olive oil.

Let the ear bud absorb the olive oil. Now gently apply the olive oil along the base of the eyelashes. For best results, apply olive on your eyelashes just before turning in for the night.

Regular application of olive oil will make your lashes appear longer, stronger and thicker.

Use Vitamin E Oil

This is one of the most effective home remedies for eye lash growth. Prick a vitamin E gel capsule and collect the oil that oozes out of the capsule into a small glass bowl. Dip a clean ear bud into the oil and apply the vitamin E oil along the base of the lashes.

vitamin e oil

The soothing vitamin e oil not only promotes eye lash growth but it also moisturizes the lashes. If you don’t stock vitamin E gel capsules at home, you can purchase a small bottle of vitamin E oil.

Apply Emu Oil

Emu oil is basically oil which is extracted from the fat of the emu bird. Regular application of pure emu oil along the base of the eyelashes can significantly increase lash growth and volume. Pour a few drops of pure emu oil into glass bowl.

Dip a clean ear bud into the emu oil and rub this natural oil along the base of the lashes. For best results, leave this oil on the lashes overnight. Wipe your lashes clean in the morning to remove all traces of excess oil.

Brush Your Lashes

Brushing the eyelashes regularly can actually enhance its growth and volume. Purchase small eyelash brush or use clean mascara brush to brush your lashes at least once a day. Brush your lashes from the root to the tip in one clean stroke. For added benefit, you can dip your eyelash brush in a bowl containing natural oils like emu oil, castor oil or extra virgin olive oil before brushing your lashes.

Use Vaseline


If you don’t have natural oils like olive or castor oil at home, you can even use a tiny amount of Vaseline to enhance eyelash growth. Use a Q-tip to apply a small quantity of Vaseline on your lashes. For best results, apply Vaseline last thing at night before going to sleep. Use a clean cotton ball to remove excess Vaseline in the morning.

Apply Egg White And Castor Oil Mixture

To lengthen and strengthen your lashes naturally, apply a mixture of egg white and castor oil on your lashes. To prepare the egg white and castor oil mixture take one teaspoon of pure egg white in a small glass bowl.

Now add two drops of castor oil. Mix the egg whites and castor oil well. Now dip a small lash brush or Q-tip into this mixture. Apply the mixture on your lashes.

Applying this mixture on your lashes regularly will enhance the length and volume of the lashes.

Gentle Massage

massage eyelids

Massaging the eyelids gently is thought to boost eyelash growth. Massaging helps to improve blood circulation to the eyelids. This in turn can aid in eyelash growth. So, make it a point to give your eyelids a gentle massage using your fingertips,  if you want to have lustrous lashes.